Norwegian Cruise

July 18, 2011

Norwegian Cruise

norwegian cruise

Norwegian Cruise line is a cruise line that is based out of Florida and provides cruises for people all over the world. Norwegian currently has a fleet of eleven cruise ships currently in operation. They are one of the biggest cruise lines out there and have a unique cruising style that sets them apart from other cruise ships and with this style came over 50 awards over the last few years. This article will introduce you to them and what your experience will be like if you take a Norwegian cruise by breaking down the main things you will be doing on a Norwegian cruise like dining experiences, the cabins, and much more.

The Norwegian cruise experience

On a Norwegian cruise ship, you will be transformed into a luxurious, fun and sleek environment as soon as you step foot into it. Norwegian has brought an innovative cruise style to the seas that you can enjoy at an incredible price without leaving out the details. This section of the article will go into detail about the boats style along with the greatest parts of the ship.

  • Norwegian cruise line was one of the cruise lines that pioneered what they call “freestyle dining” which is where you can eat whatever you want whenever you want instead of being assigned a seat at the same place at the same times.
  • The Norwegian cruise ships cabins on every single room on every ship have been upgraded with linens, mattresses and pillows with memory foam on the mattresses to allow you to go into full relaxation mode when taking your Norwegian cruise.
  • For all the passengers that take a vacation on a Norwegian cruise ship, they have a great place to find privacy and to get away for a bit called their Courtyard complex with a private pool, hot tub and fitness area. In the same area you will have butler and concierge waiting to bring you whatever you may need while relaxing.
  • They have epic award winning casinos on the cruise ships. These casinos will not only bring you the opportunity to gamble in card games but also gives you the opportunity to play slots on the seas as Norwegian Cruise ships are the only ships that have slot machines.
  • Your Norwegian cruise ship will have entertainment compared to the likes of the shows in Vegas. Norwegian entertainment ranges from Blue Man Group performances to the Second City Comedy Group. Along with these groups you will also be constantly entertained by magicians, singers, big screen movies and much more.
  • The activities on Norwegian cruise vessels are literally endless. It starts with flying down their waterslide, to playing 9 holes of mini golf and playing wii games on a TWO story screen to playing a game of on ship bowling. This is just the tip of the iceberg as far as what you will be doing for fun on Norwegian cruise ships.
  • They also have kids and teen programs for all ages from 0 to 17, that enables the whole family to come on the cruise as well as giving parents the peace of mind that they children are being well supervised.
  • While the kids are doing their own thing, you Norwegian Cruise Line ship will have many things to do for the parents. Adult activities on the boat range from a romantic dinner for two to stopping by one of the dozen bars and clubs like the bar that is made out of ice, to getting authentic pub food at the Pub Crawl, you will always have something to do while the kids are playing at their youth programs

Norwegian makes it fun for everyone who cruises with them regardless of age. With all of the activities listed above as well as their off shore destination activities that are provided, taking a Norwegian cruise is definitely an awesome choice when choosing which cruise company to go with.

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