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All about the Disney Cruise Line Ships

July 16, 2011

Disney Cruise Line Ships

Disney Cruise Line Ships

Disney Cruises Line ships offer its passengers an incredible cruise experience with good deals and endless things to do on all of their fleet of four uniquely designed ships.  They were founded in 1999 and hold about 1700 passengers on each of their cruise boats. If you don’t know who Disney Cruises is, or a just looking to acquire more information on Disney Cruise Line Ships, this article will introduce and/or provide you all the information about Disney Cruise Line Ships including both onshore and off shore activities, cruises destinations, deals and much more.  Here is a list in numbered fashion to help you get to know the Disney ships.

Best things about Disney Cruises

Your Disney vacation cruise experience will no doubt be an unforgettable vacation. There are 9 destinations that Disney Cruise Line Ships travel to and they are Hawaii, Europe, Mexican Riviera, Transatlantic, Caribbean, Alaska & Pacific Coast, Canada & New England and the Bahamas Here is a list of the best of the best when it comes to taking a ride with Disney Cruises.

  1. The word Disney alone is basically saying that families are welcome.  Being one of the recipients of the Best Family Oriented Line, these Disney Cruise Line Ships provide great family cruises with family activities like: the greatest part for the kids which is hanging out with all the Disney themed dressed up characters, game shows and stage shows, cooking classes, big screened Disney movies, Broadway Style shows, sing alongs and their Youth Program which is a great place for the kids and a great way for parents to get away for a bit while knowing that your children are under great supervision. This is just the beginning of what you will experience with your family while on one of the Disney cruise freighters.
  2. The dining is more unique than pretty much any other company out there. Where on other cruises you may be assigned to the same restaurants and have different waiters every night, on the Disney Cruise Line Ships your dining experience will be rotational, don’t worry they don’t spin fast!  You will have the same dining partners every night and the servers that you have the first night will be at your service the rest of your cruise experience, meaning that you will be called by your first name every time you dine on the Disney Cruise Line Ships.
  3. Disney Cruise Line Ships have great deck parties with music and dance shows that are really Vegas caliber. These events will start right when you get on the ship with what they call the embarkadation, where you will be entertained by the Disney Cruise staff and Disney characters.  They also have a pirated themed dining party experience among others.
  4. Although being regarded as a family cruise, Disney Cruise Line ships have plenty of adult activities to do as well. Things to do for adults are as follows: the adult pool, spa and massages, nightclubs and lounges where you can catch live music, karaoke and dance parties, or stop by the adults only Palo restaurant providing you with fine dining Italian.
  5. You will be show a fireworks show, which I mean, who doesn’t love fireworks right?!

Deals you will find on Disney Cruise Line Ships

  • Disney Cruises favors those that book early and book late.  Booking early will always give you deals, and booking late will provide deals for you because they are trying to fill up their ship as much as possible.
  • If you can, avoid traveling during big holidays at all costs. Traveling before or after big holidays will provide big savings.
  • The bigger the group usually means the bigger the discount. They will sometimes cut in half the cost for third and fourth riders.  Also ask the person you are booking with to tell you about the specials running on their Disney cruise line ships.

Carnival Cruise Ships – What Carnival Offers

July 12, 2011

Carnival Cruise ships

carnival cruise ships

There are 23 different Carnival cruise ships that Carnival Cruise line are operating right now, so with that large of a number of the big boats, it says a lot about how successful they have been. They are all great but there are a few that seem to be a little more popular as far as past passengers are concerned. When it all comes down to it, these Carnival Cruise ships aren’t called Fun Ships for nothing, so whichever one you pick you can’t really go wrong with that name! As well as their motto which is applied on every ship which is all about creating the most memorable cruise experience for the guests and offering an outstanding value, no matter which cruise vessel you take.

The best of the best Carnival Cruise ships

First and foremost in our Carnival Cruise ships list is the Conquest which is themed fully in Las Vegas attire. Life aboard the Conquest will produce by far some of the greatest memories ever. With over 80% of their rooms having ocean views with private balconies, it’s a bit hard to get a bad room. They have one of the largest casinos on the seas, 22 bars and lounges, one indoor pool and two outdoor pools, hair salons, video game rooms and so much more. If by some chance one gets tired of the endless option of activities, you can talk a walk through the place and gaze at the beautiful designs inspired by Fresh Impressionist painters.

Next in the line Carnival Cruise ships is the Fascination. With the Hollywood scene, right off the bat you will feel like a traveling celebrity! On your cruise you can catch a bite to eat on deck at the Coconut Grove Bar & Grill on Lido, and then go relax at one of the spas. When night comes, you can dance at the dance clubs, or go with friends and family and play a round of mini golf. If you are looking to keep up your figure, you can do that on the onboard track or consult one of the personal trainers that are there to help you get ripped!

As far as Carnival Cruise ships go, the Destiny is another one of the favorites. The Destiny’s theme is astrological and it is specialized for those first time cruisers, singles, and families. Your experience the Destiny will include huge productions with lavish production shows which are geared towards all ages. On the Destiny you will also be to rock out at some of the live music shows, check out one of the comedians, and belt your highest tune at the sing along music bar

The Inspiration is next on our Carnival Cruise ships list. The Inspiration provides great activities for adults and kids. While the kids are playing at the Waterworks aqua park, parents can get away and attend the adults only Serenity Retreat. You will experience their new state of the art sound and light system while watching a movie on the big screen. For kids it only gets better, they have what they call Carnival Camp that includes activities, video games and karaoke!

Our last stop on our Carnival Cruise ships list is the Ecstasy. Aboard the Ecstasy, your cruise will consist of ice carving contests, bingo, waterslides and sun bathing; all while being surrounded by the New York theme. The activities don’t stop there; others that are provided are wine seminars, spa classes, late night entertainment and art auctions.

Conclusion to Carnival Cruise ships

So there you go the top 5 favorites as far as your fellow travelers believe. Carnival vacations cruises are some of the greatest and grandest cruise experiences out there today, offering great fun for every age group. The great deals and luxurious surroundings make Carnival a great pick when planning your vacation cruise. I hope this article on Carnival Cruise ships helps when picking out which one you want to party on the seas!

Norwegian Cruise Line Ships

July 11, 2011

The Norwegian Cruise Line ships

norwegian cruise line ships

All of the Norwegian Cruise Line ships are built to excellence and the minute you set foot into one of the larger than life ships, you will be transported into another lifestyle of living. The architecture and artwork are something to marvel and the world class entertainment and wide range of conveniences; make these boats some of the greatest cruise ships on the seas today. This article will provide you with a brief history and an elaborated description of the beautiful Norwegian Cruise Line ships

History of the Norwegian Cruise Line ships

This cruise line was started in 1966 by the two visionaries named Knut Kloster and Ted Arison with just one 830 ton ship, and with one goal in mind, to make the cost of cruising less than the competition. In 1979 they did a 100 million dollar conversion on their ship and called it the Norway. This ship was significantly larger than any other cruise ship on the ocean, and they utilized this extra space by adding a greater variety of onboard entertainment. This boosted their success and paved the way of a new era of giant ships like theirs.

Information of today’s experience on one other the Norwegian Cruise Line ships

On today’s Norwegian Cruise Line ships, you will be temporarily living in an architectural dream, surrounded by their sleek and stylish style in every direction you look. Along with the beautiful surroundings, you will never feel neglected by the staff. With the Norwegian Cruise vessels, they have the largest ratio of staff to passengers than another other cruise ship companies in business, and it shows no matter where you are on the cruise line.

All the Norwegian Cruise Line ships have a belief that they want to match our American lifestyle as far as eating goes. Most cruise lines differ in this aspect, making you eat at a preset time and require you to sit in assigned seating but on a Norwegian cruise ship, they have what they call freestyle dining where cruisers can choose from up to a dozen different dining spots, and are free to eat whenever they want to. In fact, there are so many choices it’s of different ethnic foods, it’s almost impossible to try them all in one cruise! There is no dress code either in the dining area, and all the food you eat in the dining room and cafeteria is a no cost because you already are paid when you bought your cruise package.

Norwegian Cruise Line ships activities

When it comes to activities, Norwegian Cruise Line ships have no shortage of them. Ranging from casinos, to disco bars for those who want to cut a rug, to nightly shows by the pools with entertainment and comedian, which are also free of charge. For those taking their families with them, there are so many activities that you can partake in with your loved ones. Here are some of the many that you can do: pizza making parties, team building challenges, movies, scavenger hunts, and sports games and also mini golfing. Also, those parents with kids who want to bring them but also want alone time, Norwegian Cruise Line ships have activities geared towards all ages, in the day and the night time, so the date nights can still take place while having the peace of mind that the kids are having a great time as well!

Norwegian cruise vessels will introduce you to the good live sparing you the good life price tag. With constant deals going as well as being guaranteed the lowest price on any of the Norwegian cruise line ships that you book with, Norwegian is an awesome pick when planning a cruise vacation!