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Taking a Cruise from Seattle to Hawaii

July 19, 2011

Cruise from Seattle to Hawaii

cruise from seattle to hawaii

Looking to get out of the Washington for a while and take a cruise from California to Seattle so you can get a escpape the grind and hang out on the beach while your get the perfect tan only Hawaii can produce? You are in luck as there many cruise companies that provide cruises out of Seattle with multiple destinations in Hawaii.  These cruise lines also offer many different times in the year that you can cruise as well as crusing out of many different locations as there are multiple cruise ports that will provide you with an excellent cruise itineray.

Companies and Cruise ports that cruise from Seattle to Hawaii

There are ten of millions of people that go on cruises every year, if it is you time to go and are leaving for a cruise from Seattle to Hawaii destinations, then read no further as this section of the article will provide you with all the details you need in order to plan your Hawaiian vacation cruise with which cruise line you prefer. This will also give you details on each cruise company that let you cruise from Seattle to Hawaii, making the cruise company you for your trip a lot easier.

Taking a cruise from Seattle to Hawaii off from Seattle can be done at the Port of Seattle. This port is in the city of King Coutny, Seattle and is a port district that runs both the seaport and airport coming in and out of Seattle. Established the early 1900′s. It is the 10th busiest port in North and has two main cruise ship terminals at the Port of Seattle that are the temporary parking spaces for five different cruise companies that have ships coming and going year around.  For passengers getting ready to cruise but are going to be spending some time in the Seattle before or after you cruise, the city provides many cruise friendly hotels that are affiliated with cruise companies dedicated to offering you an excellent price per night. Out of the many ships going in and out, there is currently only one cruise line that makes departures out of the Port of Seattle that provides you the chance to cruise from Seattle to Hawaii, and that is Holland America Cruise Lines who are one of the biggest cruise lines in operation today.  This next section will provide information on the number of trips they provide and the dates they dapart for you to cruise from Seattle to Hawaii.

Cruise from Seattle to Hawaii – Holland America

Holland America is a cruise line which is actually based out of Seattle and is not far from the Port of Seattle. They offer excellent deals with a luxurious experience. They offer you chances to cruise from Seattle to Hawaii on their 35 day in September on their ship named Westerdam, which visits Hawaii for part of the vacation cruise as well as many other locations.  With this ship their is always the possiblility to cruise just to Hawaii and fly home from there instead of going on to the other destination. The other cruise ship that offers a cruise from Seattle to Hawaii is the Holland America Amsterdam which provides 70 and 75 day cruises that go to Hawaii and carry on to many other lacations.