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Norwegian Cruise Line Epic

July 12, 2011

 The Norwegian Cruise Line Epic

Norwegian Cruise Line Epic

The Norwegian Cruise Line Epic is rumored to be the third biggest ship in the world, hints the word epic! Garnering design awards from a panel of esteemed judges like the curator of the San Francisco Museum of Art, and fashion designer, Norma Kamali among many others, it’s hard not to be in awe of the ships attention to detail when it comes to the design and architecture.  Although the sheer size of the cruise ship would make you think that you would always be getting lost trying to find what you need, this couldn’t be further from the truth.  Their restaurants and activities are basically clustered together to make navigating the Epic very easy.  If you are thinking about taking a vacation cruise on the Epic then this is the article that will provide you with all the information like the activities, food and service, and much more so you will have what you need to make your decision about if the Norwegian Cruise Line Epic ship is the one for you!

Activities of the Norwegian Cruise Line Epic

There are so many great things to do on the Epic; you will never run out of activities to do while waiting to arrive at some of the eagerly awaited cruise destinations.  To give you an idea of what there is to do, I find no better way than to lay them out for you one by one, so here they are: Blue Man Group productions, Twenty dining options, twenty bars and lounges, a rock climbing and rappelling wall, a bowling alley, the huge Aqua Park with three waterslides, and ice bar literally made of ice, casino, a two story wii screen and the Epic theater which is a 681 seat multi tiered mega theater!  This is just a partial list of the multitude of activities to do on the Norwegian Cruise Line Epic.  Still not enough, then you can go check out one of the shows that the Second City Comedy Troupe, or be entertained by one of the celebrity impersonators like Elvis, Madonna and Tina Turner among others.

Food and Service on the Norwegian Cruise Line Epic

As far as the food experience you will have on the Norwegian Cruise Line Epic, it is hard to try everything there is to offer because there are so many different options to choose from, with over 20 different restaurants.  The restaurants on the Norwegian Cruise Line Epic are what they call Freestyle dining” which unlike other cruises, gives you the freedom to choose whatever you want to eat whenever you want to eat, not restraining you have to eat at a certain time and eat certain food.  These are some of the options when it comes to your dining experience.  They have an upscale steakhouse along with their signature French Restaurant, others are Japanese dining with some incredible sushi, Italian, Chinese, salad bars, or stop by the Irish pub and get some real authentic pub food, or twenty four seven pizza delivery. This is really only the beginning of what there is to offer as far as good goes on the Norwegian Cruise Line Epic. There services have been reported very positive due to the small ratio of employees to passengers being close to one employee for every two cruisers.  With this ratio, you won’t be feeling neglected.  The workers are very attentive with a professional manor and at the same time down to earth making with the goal of making your time on the Norwegian Cruise Line Epic as great as it can possibly be.

Norwegian Cruise Line Ships

July 11, 2011

The Norwegian Cruise Line ships

norwegian cruise line ships

All of the Norwegian Cruise Line ships are built to excellence and the minute you set foot into one of the larger than life ships, you will be transported into another lifestyle of living. The architecture and artwork are something to marvel and the world class entertainment and wide range of conveniences; make these boats some of the greatest cruise ships on the seas today. This article will provide you with a brief history and an elaborated description of the beautiful Norwegian Cruise Line ships

History of the Norwegian Cruise Line ships

This cruise line was started in 1966 by the two visionaries named Knut Kloster and Ted Arison with just one 830 ton ship, and with one goal in mind, to make the cost of cruising less than the competition. In 1979 they did a 100 million dollar conversion on their ship and called it the Norway. This ship was significantly larger than any other cruise ship on the ocean, and they utilized this extra space by adding a greater variety of onboard entertainment. This boosted their success and paved the way of a new era of giant ships like theirs.

Information of today’s experience on one other the Norwegian Cruise Line ships

On today’s Norwegian Cruise Line ships, you will be temporarily living in an architectural dream, surrounded by their sleek and stylish style in every direction you look. Along with the beautiful surroundings, you will never feel neglected by the staff. With the Norwegian Cruise vessels, they have the largest ratio of staff to passengers than another other cruise ship companies in business, and it shows no matter where you are on the cruise line.

All the Norwegian Cruise Line ships have a belief that they want to match our American lifestyle as far as eating goes. Most cruise lines differ in this aspect, making you eat at a preset time and require you to sit in assigned seating but on a Norwegian cruise ship, they have what they call freestyle dining where cruisers can choose from up to a dozen different dining spots, and are free to eat whenever they want to. In fact, there are so many choices it’s of different ethnic foods, it’s almost impossible to try them all in one cruise! There is no dress code either in the dining area, and all the food you eat in the dining room and cafeteria is a no cost because you already are paid when you bought your cruise package.

Norwegian Cruise Line ships activities

When it comes to activities, Norwegian Cruise Line ships have no shortage of them. Ranging from casinos, to disco bars for those who want to cut a rug, to nightly shows by the pools with entertainment and comedian, which are also free of charge. For those taking their families with them, there are so many activities that you can partake in with your loved ones. Here are some of the many that you can do: pizza making parties, team building challenges, movies, scavenger hunts, and sports games and also mini golfing. Also, those parents with kids who want to bring them but also want alone time, Norwegian Cruise Line ships have activities geared towards all ages, in the day and the night time, so the date nights can still take place while having the peace of mind that the kids are having a great time as well!

Norwegian cruise vessels will introduce you to the good live sparing you the good life price tag. With constant deals going as well as being guaranteed the lowest price on any of the Norwegian cruise line ships that you book with, Norwegian is an awesome pick when planning a cruise vacation!

Norwegian Cruise Line Jobs – Get Employed With Norwegian

July 10, 2011

Norwegian Cruise Line jobs

norwegian cruise line jobs

Norwegian Cruise Line jobs are for the people who want to cruise for a living! Taking a cruise for a vacation is amazing, but working on one is a whole different experience. When working on a cruise line, you get paid to cruise and at the same time experience all the bliss that being on a cruise boat offers, I mean basically your employment location will be paradise! If shipboard employment isn’t for you, there are also great employment opportunities to work on the corporate side of things. This article will provide information about working for them, so you can learn how to start making a living with Norwegian Cruises!

Norwegian Cruise Line jobs – Corporate

For those that want to work for this incredible cruise line but may want to stay on land while doing it, corporate is an excellent option when considering Norwegian Cruise Line jobs, you should know that they describe themselves as dedicated, passionate and driven by the spirit of determination and innovation. This is their motto “As our S.T.Y.L.E. mission card states, “We are all on one team, working together, sharing in the common goal of a successful, profitable and innovative company. A team is larger than any one department, it is a family of departments that come together to achieve our mission.” What are you waiting for? Jump on Board!” – Norwegian Cruise Lines. With this motto, you can’t help feel that being an employee with them would instantly make you feel at home, making your daily work environment one that you look forward to going to everyday.

With their motto and vision in mind, the following will paint of picture of life as a corporate worker for Norwegian Cruise Lines. There are many jobs available in Miami and other domestic and foreign locations that range from Accounting to Marketing, Commodity Buyer to Fleet Training Specialist, and Beverage Development Manager to a Content Specialist, Norwegian Cruises is likely to have a career opportunity that fits exactly what you are looking for. Norwegian Cruise line jobs also offer incredible benefits to those that qualify as well.

Shipboard Norwegian Cruise Line jobs

Shipboard jobs provide a work experience that is very different from most regular jobs. First off, employment involves living onboard. You will be working for 5 months, and share rooms with other crew members. The great part about his is that your rent expense is a grand total of zero; you don’t pay anything to room on the ship. It gets even better; you meals are included as well. You will also be allowed access to the gym, computers and lounge. For those who are also interested in learning about working on board and making a living, here are some options that will show you some of what is being offered for employment on the Norwegian ships. Here are some of the job departments: deck, engine, medical, culinary, hotel, production cast, training and cruise programs. All of these departments have multiple jobs in each. Working onboard Norwegian Cruise Line jobs are hard work, but while being on duty there are plenty of times to partake in onboard cruise activities and do some great relaxing, and you get to be around people who are always happy because they are on vacation!




Taking Your Cruise With Norwegian Cruise Lines

July 8, 2011

Information on Norwegian Cruise Lines

norwegian cruise lines

Norwegian Cruise Lines is one of the multiple cruise lines that are currently in business today. They are based out of Miami Dade Florida, and are currently controlling 8% of the cruise line business. With that name you know they have to live up their name providing epic experiences to all the locations they cruise to. They currently launch have cruises to Alaska, Hawaii, Europe, Canada & New England, Bermuda, Bahamas and Florida and Pacific Coastal. They are becoming increasingly known for introducing you to the beauty
of Norway and multiple Scandinavian countries. Norwegian Cruise Lines prides itself in providing what they like to call Freestyle Cruising which gives the guests the freedom to virtually cruise the way they want to. This option lets guest for example; dine whenever they want without the stick dress code, and as they say more restaurants than days in the week with this allowing you to eat whatever you’re hungry for whenever you’re hungry!

This part of the article deserves to stand on its own when it comes to Norwegian Cruise Lines : they have the best prices, GUARANTEED! I know you might be thinking, but yeah everyone says that! Well let me tell you that their policy when it comes to enforcing their best prices guaranteed perk is that if you book a cruise with Norwegian Cruise Lines and you happen to find a lower advertised price from than them within 48 hours of when your originally placed your order, you can choose from two options. One, you’ll receive 110% of the difference in the form of an
onboard credit, or credit you can use on the ship to buy anything, or two; they will re-price your cruise at the lower price that you found! So no need to worry that you may be getting a better deal on another cruise line. Along with this, they also have package deals, last minute booking deals, on board credit when booking a suite or a villa, and multiple other opportunities to save money on your trip.

Norwegian Cruise Lines = Nonstop FUN

Freestyle cruising doesn’t stop at your dining experience when vacationing with Norwegian Cruise Lines, not in the least! On the boat your days will be filled with endless fun for ALL ages, starting with a game of bowling, to playing wii games on the TWO story screen! If this isn’t enough for you, how about playing some giant chess, video arcades for the kids and the big kids, and ping pong. These are just the start of what you will encounter on your cruise. Want to sit back relax and have fun at the same time, then stop by one of the entertainment events on the ship, with a possible blue man group show, a Broadway play or go get in a good laugh at the expense of the insanely funny comedians. When you’re ready to get off the boat, For 21 and up, Norwegian Cruise Lines offers over 20 different bars and lounges with piano bars, blues clubs, dinner shows and dance club. Along with these incredible things to participate in, they also have fitness centers, a lap pool, a mediation room with floor to ceiling glass, and a tranquil area to get a hot stone massage.

When you’re ready to get off the boat, your will be able to pick from various choices of activities. Some that will be offered by Norwegian Cruise Lines will be shore excursions, cave tubing, hiking and exploring, helicopter rides, kayaking, snorkeling, water activities and best of all relaxing on the tropical beaches. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the amazing things you will be doing while vacationing with this cruise line, and with this itinerary and the best prices, they seem like a good call when planning your dream vacation!

Conclusion to Norwegian Cruise Lines

Thank you very much for reading this and I hope this article on Norwegian Cruise Lines  provided you with the information and details that you needed before you read this!