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Cruise To Hawaii from New York

July 20, 2011

Cruise to Hawaii from New York

When looking to take a cruise to Hawaii from New York, you may find that there aren’t any options to depart from Hawaii out of the Port of New York. Although this is unfortunate, do not let this keep you from going through with your Hawaiian vacation as there are many alternatives that will let you take a cruise around the Hawaiian Islands even though it doesn’t cruise to Hawaii from New York. This article will show you ways to still take your cruise to Hawaii by flying to different ports in the US and the multiple cruise lines that are offering cruises to Hawaii out of these specfic port destinations.

Cruise to Hawaii from New York

Alternatives to taking a cruise to Hawaii from New York

With many differnent cruise ports that offer the chance to cruise to Hawaii, it is easy to get lost in the shuffle when searching for the right itinerary and the right cruise line.  Also, the flights to these different locations across the United States my sound expensive but with the deals that cruise packages offer with flights that are included, your cruise will still be around the same price as if you were to criuse from Hawaii to New York. and they also have cruise friendly hotels in the vacinity of the port you are cruising from that offer great deals if you are going ot be staying the night.  This part of the article will give you all the information on 2 different ports that are in the US that have itineraries that are setting sail to the tropical islands of Hawaii.

  • The Port of Galveston which is in Texas also provides alternatives to taking your cruise to Hawaii from New York. They have 3 lines as well that go go Hawaii and they are Carnival Cruise Lines which has trips on August 20th and 29th of 2011 and for 2012 they have trips on January 6th, 22nd and the 30th. For 2012 Disney Cruise Lines has trips in September through November with the dates that are as follows:  September 22nd and 29th, October 6th, 13th, 20th and 22nd and November 3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th. Royal Caribbean has one more ship that departs in 2011 on December 4th.  and has 4 cruise dates in 2012 that are January 2nd and January 22nd, and February 5th and 19th.
  • The state of California has 7 different cruise ports spread across the state. Flying into these places make cruiseing easy, especially in San Diego where the driving distance from the airport to the port is in a very short driving distance. The Port of San Diego has three cruise lines that depart from there to Hawaii and here are their departure schedules: Celebrity Cruises: October 2nd, 17th and 22nd and April 5th and 20th. Holland America has departure dates that range from October all the way through March. Here is Holland America’s schedule: October 22nd, November 12th, Decmeber 10th, January 14th, February 4th, 25th, March 17th, 31st. The last cruise line that offers an alternative to your cruise to Hawaii from New York is Carnival Cruises who offers one ship to Hawaii in January 20th and April 13th.

Conclusion th cruise to Hawaii from New York

Although there may not be any ships that cruise to Hawaii from New York for you to take, there are many locations around the  country that will provide you with the same hawaiian cruise you would have gotten in New York, you may just have to fly a little ways to get there. These two ports are some of the biggest ports around and provide great alternatives for you cruise to Hawaii from New York vacation cruise.