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Cruising The Hawaiian Islands

January 3, 2012

Cruising The Hawaiian Islands

Cruising the Hawaiian Islands allows one to really get a feel for the heritage of Hawaii as well as enjoy and experience multiple different locations, instead of being coped up in a hotel room and only able to explore one island. On a Hawaiian Island cruise you won’t worry about lodging and itineraries as the cruise ship sets that all up for you, allowing you to sit back and enjoy a stress free vacation. Whether you are looking to getaway for a family vacation, honeymoon, spring break or other, cruising the Hawaiian Islands will make your vacation an experience of a lifetime. Below are all the cruise lines that offer Hawaiian Islands itineraries and what the boats have to offer!

cruising the hawaiian islands

Cruise Lines That Are Cruising The Hawaiian Islands

Norwegian Cruise Lines

  • Pride of America - Offering 3, 4 and 7 day Hawaiian Island cruises, referred to as an “island hopping” cruise, where guests will be immersed in American culture, and themed rooms with American cars, California Gold Rush and Chigago Skyscrappers. Also offered aboard are 14 different different eateries like; Japanese, American Cusine, a steakhouse, Italian, French and more. Cruisers on the Pride of American will also enjoy recreation like; 9 different bars and lounges, live entertainment, magicians, unicycle jugglers, theatre acts at the Hollywood Theater, an aracde, card room, golf driving net, hot tubs and pools, a Mandara Spa, a gyrosphere and kids and teens clubs for parents looking to get some alone time! Ports of call for this Hawaiian Island hopper cruise are; Honolulu, Nawiliwili, Kona Coast, Hilo as well as Kahului. The ship is also near brand new, launched in 2006 making it the newest ship in the Norwegian Cruise ship line up, as well as the lone ship “sailing under the US flag” as NCL puts it, which is the first ship to have this status in over 50 years.

The Pride of American is the only cruise ship that departs in Hawaii, and allows its passengers to experience 4 major islands, Kauai, Oahu, Maui, Big Island which then docks back in Hawaii. There are other cruise lines that offer Hawaiian Island cruises but depart from a different place in the United States other than Hawaii which below are those cruise lines.

Princess Cruises

  • Princess Cruises offers round trip cruises around the Hawaiian Islands that depart from both Los Angeles as well as San Francisco. Maui, Hilo, Honolulu and Kauai are the 4 islands that you get to visit when cruising with Princess Cruises. (more…)

Hawaiian Islands – Vacation to Hawaii!

July 20, 2011

The Hawaiian Islands

hawaiian islands

Taking a vacation to the Hawaiian Islands is basically saying that you will be taking a vacation to paradise. Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places on the face of this earth and has been drawing people to it from all over the world for many years. If you have your heart set on vacationing to the Hawaiian Islands whether heading there on a plane or touring the Hawaiian Islands on a cruise ship, this article will give you deatils on each of the four main Hawaiian Islands and what they have to offer for you when you get there.

Hawaiian Islands – The 4 main islands

  • Maui – Maui is the second largest island in Hawaii and out of tall the Hawaiian Islands, it is the most touristed by far. There are so many incredible things to do when in Maui, this section will give you activities that you can include in itinerary if you are planning to visit here.  First off if you are visiting from during the months of November to May, whale watching in Maui is considered to be one of the best places to do it, with over 10000 whales vistiting their during that time.  Another great thing to do there is the to take flight over the green rainforest on one of the over 2000 foot long zip lines at Skyline Eco Adventures. Luau’s are a must if you are going to visit Maui where you will dine on pork, steak and fish all while feeling emersed in the culture of Hawaii
  • Oahu – Another slice of heaven, this Island which has an average temerature of 75 degrees, perfect vacation weather, offers a myriad of activities to partake in. When it comes to surfing, Oahu stands out over all the Hawaiian Islands because their North Shore is the surfing capital of the world. North Shore and the famous Pipeline offer awesome big wave competitions where you can see surfers dissapear into the middle of a massive wave only to come out on the opposite site unscathed. Other great things to do on you Hawaiian Islands vacation to Oahu is to vist the Honolulu Zoo where there are hundreds of diffent animals and plant life, and hike to the summit of Diamonhead where you will find 360 degree views of all of Oahu.
  • The Big Island – Your Hawaiian Islands activities list on the Big Island is literally endless. There are many great things to do, but here is the list of some of best. Visit Hawaii’s National Volcanoe park where you will be guided past the larger than life volcanoes and if your lucky see some hot lava. Another must do when going to the Big Island on you Hawaiian Islands vacation is to visit Akaka Waterfalls Park where you will observe the breathtaking 100 to 450 feet waterfalls. This is also a great place to snorkel and scuba dive with some of the clearest waters out of all the Hawaiian Islands
  • Kauai – If your Hawaiian Islands vacation is destined for Hawaii, these activities should end up on your to do list: Taking a drive up the Waimea Canyone which is reffered to by Mark Twain as “the Grand Canyone of the Pacific’ where you will drive up through roads that are full of plant life colored in multiple differnt deep colors only to be awaited at the top by a view of the 3600 feet canyon and a view of all of Kauai. After your climb to the top, you can go on a ATV tour of Kipu Cattle Ranch all while being surround by Kauai’s sky scraping green mountians.

Hawaiian Islands Conclusion

Whether traveling on a plane or a cruise ship to the Hawaiian Islands you will be heading to a destination that offers you a vacation you will not soon forget. From going to a luau and experiencing the Hawaiian culture, to flying high above the rainforest on one of the ziplines, there is so many amazing things to do on every island.  With this in mind no matter which one of the Hawaiian Islands you are end up vacationing to is going to produce one epic vacation for you and whoever you are traveling with.