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Cruise To Hawaii From San Francisco

November 27, 2011

Cruise To Hawaii From San Francisco

If you are looking to cruise to Hawaii from San Francisco, there is not better time to do so as the prices are at all time lows, due to the fact that massive number of cruise lines are all competing for your business. Considering this fact, the Hawaii to San Francisco cruises can be found at prices lower than 100 dollars a night, and offer an evvironment for family, couples as well as singles. The guest experience on these vacation cruises can consist of activities like; mini golf, award winning entertainment like what you would find in Vegas, bars and night clubs, musicians, live music, waterslides, fine dining and excellent childrens programs that allow parents to get away and leave their children at programs with full supervision. These vacations can include food and drinks among other ammenities, and allow one to have a blast aboard with all of the activities that are offered as well as even more fun when you get to the Hawaiian islands. Below are the cruise lines that offers these cruises to Hawaii from San Francisco as well as the dates that they departure.

Cruise To Hawaii From San Francisco

Cruise To Hawaii From San Francisco Itinerary

Princess Cruises Lines

  • Star Princess – The Star Princess offers round trip cruises to Hawaii from San Francisco and offers 15 night cruise vacations.
  • Grand Princess – Starting 2013, cruies from SF to Hawaii will be offered in the form of 15 day cruise vacations as well.
  • Sea Princess – Cruise departures one the Sea Princess involves going through Hawaii more specifically Honolulu and Maui, then ventures into exotic locations like; Bora Bora, Fiji, Fjordland National Park, Aukland, Papeete, Morrea, Pago Pago, Sydney, Christchurch and Dunedin. This cruise itinerary is often refferred to as an Exotic World cruise and lasts a total of 29 days and sets sail September 20th.

Carnival Cruise Lines

  • Carnival Spirt – The Carnvial Spirit is the only Carnival Cruise Lines ship that offers one the chance to cruise to Hawaii from San Francisco, and can be done on a 15 day excursion.

Celebrity Cruise Lines

  • Celebrity Century – Celebrity cruises lines also has just one ship, the Celebrity Century that offers SF to Hawaii cruises that last for 15 days.

Holland America Cruise Lines

Holland America offers cruises to Hawaii from San Francisco that last 14 days in the form of round trips that only go to the Hawaiian Islands, as well as cruise ships that carry on to other locations and last longer, up to 60 days. The Holland America Cruise ships that cruise to Hawaii from SF are;

  • ms Rotterdam
  • ms Zandaam
  • ms Westerdam
  • ms Oosterdam.

Other Cruise Lines That Offer Cruises To Hawaii From San Francisco

The below cruise lines also offer cruise ships that go through Hawaii, but are more dedicated to stopping at other exotic locations. Below are the cruise lines as well as what they have to offer:

Regent Seven Seas

  • Seven Seas Voyager – Cruises are offered that go through Hawaii and onto places like; New Zealand, Thailand, England, Austrailia, China, Dubai and Civitavecchia, all lasting anywhere from 41 days to as much as 145 days.

P & O Cruises

  • Oriana – Cruises are offered by P & O cruises that cruise to Hawaii from San Francisco then carry on to locations such as; Austrailia, New Zealand, China and Hong Kong, all lasting either 15, 21 or 34 days.