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Cheap Hotels In Hawaii – Locations & How To Get Cheap Rates

May 2, 2012

Cheap Hotels In Hawaii

The phrase cheap hotels in Hawaii can cause some doubt as well as hesitation, due to the fact that many believe that it is going to cost you a fortune to lodge in the blissful land of Hawaii. But this doesn’t have to be the case, as you can get cheap hotels in Hawaii with ease both at various locations as well as using the methods that we have provided for you below!

cheap hotels in hawaii


Magic Sunrise Hawaii – If you want to stay at a spot that lets you overlook the incredible Wailua River as well as lush green surrounding Mountains, then the Magic Sunrise Hawaii can be your spot, located just 5 minutes away from the sandy beaches along with great shops and a wide variety of restaurants. You can have this all for around $55 per person per night. There aren’t many cheap hotels in Hawaii that can match this.


Aloha Bed and Breakfast – If you commit to 3 or more nights of lodging here, you can get your stay along with an all inclusive breakfast for anywhere between $85 to $100 a (more…)

How to Get A Discount Hawaii Cruise

January 18, 2012

Discount Hawaii Cruise

Discount Hawaii cruise deals are very possible to obtain, you just need to know the right methods, which is exactly where we come in and you sit back and enjoy as we have a host of different methods that you can use to get discounted Hawaiian cruises, both on when booking and on board! Read on for the epic methods!

discount hawaii cruise

Booking a Discount Hawaii Cruise

  • Either purchase way in advance, at least 6 months before you wish to depart. Doing this will not only bring awesome deals on your Hawaiian cruise but will also provide the best availablilty as far as good rooms, allowing you to get one of the good rooms while they last! Or you can consider booking last minute when cruise lines are trying to fill their cabin vacancies before departure, where the bottoms fall out of prices.If you go with a travel agent, ask them to tell the cruise line that you are a VIP customer, which often brings dicounts and even upgrades! Also if you are going with an agent, find one that specializes in book cruises, not just a regular travel agent.
  • Book a windowless room. When you think about it, you are basically only going to be sleeping in your room as all the activities are outside of your room, so spending less money on lodging will result in great Hawaiian cruise savings
  • A rule of thumb is that longer cruises usually bring bigger discounts on Hawaiian cruises, which if you are looking to get away for a couple weeks, you can do so very cheap on a Hawaiian cruise ship.
  • Traveling with a group can result in excellent group fares.
  • Booking in the off season, which the best months tend to in be in or near the winter time for Hawaiian cruises, which the weather is still plenty warm enough in Hawaii to enjoy the cruise, as well as it is the time of the year when both dolphins and humpback whales are spotted the most.
  • If you intend on going in peek seasons like Spring Break of Summer, it is good to book WAY in advance like a year or more, which you can get great deals even on prime Hawaii cruise months.
  • Booking in January to early March are known to best the absolute best months to book a cruise vacation that is on sale, so keep this in mind, as this is officially “Wave Season”.
  • Shop around for cruise lines that offer the best deals, not only discounts but things like on board credit, complimentary perks, upgrades, etc.
  • If you are booking directly with a cruise line, then ask about any kind of deals they have, like regular deals, deals for certain professions or age, groupes, couples, solo riders and more.

On Ship Hawaii Cruise Dicount Methods

  • If you are looking to do any shopping, do it on or near the last day, which is when the best on board Hawaii cruise discounts on pretty much all merchandise presnt themselves.
  • Bring your own beverages, like water or soda, if the cruise line allows you to, as cruise ships offer pricey drinks that come in small cups. (more…)