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Hawaiian Cruises from California

July 8, 2011

Hawaiian Cruises from California

hawaiian cruises from california

IF you live in a the sunny state, and are looking vacation on a cruise, there are 4 main cruise ports that provide Hawaiian cruises from California up and down the coast of the state. These ports make it super convenient for those living in California and don’t really want to fly too far or have to drive a thousand miles. Whether leaving from the Bay Area of San Diego, there is bound to be a place in driving distance, or a short flight if you don’t want to drive, that will cater to your needs when setting sail from one of the California beaches

Ports for Hawaiian Cruise from California

Whether you reside in the south of California or further north, you will have multiple to choose from. The first line in the south the provides Hawaiian Cruises from California is the Port of San Diego, which is prided on being a self supported public benefit corporation, not using any tax dollars to run the port. Their main location for cruises is located on B Street Pier in downtown San Diego along North Harbor Drive. They also are known for their perseverance in educating the city people about maintaining the environment and about green living. This port host on average about 252 ships calls. The town of San Diego is also a host to a myriad of cruise friendly hotels.

The next port that provides Hawaiian cruises from California is The Port of Los Angeles which has two main locations. Located in San Pedro Bay, about 20 miles away from downtown Los Angeles in the city of San Pedro. They are the largest ship terminal on the West Coast of the United States. The Port of Los Angeles has its main larger port that the call the World Cruise center which provides transport for over a million passengers every year. The World Cruise Center has two main cruise ports and also provides a wide variety of transportation, like car rentals, bus rides, and taxi and limousine services. The Port of Los Angeles also has a smaller port that they are affiliated with called the Port of Long Beach which is just 4 miles east of the Port of Los Angeles. Adjacent to the Port of Long Beach is the historic Queen Mary Ocean Liner. They are an excellent location to take Hawaiian Cruises from California if you live anywhere near Los Angeles.

If you live more north and are looking to looking for Hawaiian cruises from California, you will want to go to the Port of San Francisco. Port of San Francisco was born during the days of the gold rush, and is located on the western edge of the San Francisco Bay, very close to the historic Golden Gate Bridge. Surround by historical landmarks, world class culture and championship winning sports teams, the Port of San Francisco has been called on of the greatest natural harbor in the world. Like the Port of San Diego, the Port of San Francisco receives no financial support from the city of San Francisco.

Hawaiian Cruises from California Conclusion

These are the 4 main cruise ports that you can choose from when planning your cruise. With their locations spread out, these ports make Hawaiian cruises from California relatively painless when it comes to traveling to your cruise port location.


Taking Your Cruise With Carnival Cruises

July 6, 2011

Carnival Cruises

carnival cruises

Carnival Cruises is a cruise line based out of Doral, Miami. These floating resorts are considered tobe the most popular cruise line; Carnival has over sixty different sailing locations in the following: The Caribbean, Mexico, Bahamas, Hawaii, Europe, Canada & New England, Alaska and Transatlantic. They have came a long way from their reputation as being a floating fraternity party, to now dominating the cruise industry being the largest cruise line in the world. For those who do not like the smell of cigarette smoke, Carnival has a limited smoking policy, designating smoking only in the casino, some of the bars, no smoking in the cabins and limiting outside smoke almost completely, only allowing smoking to take place on the Lido Deck which is mid ship. They provide a lovely experience, but if something happens to go wrong, and a passenger is unhappy with their experience, Carnival Cruises allows passengers to disembark at the first port and receive a FULL refund. Carnival also prides itself in providing a great family environment, so if you’re going to book a cruise, no one needs to be left out in the family!

On and off board FUN on your Carnival Cruise

They don’t call them Fun Ships for nothing! While on your cruise, you ship will provide daytime and night time activities. Be prepared to be ride the on ship waterslide, play a round of 9 hole mini golf, check out a movie on the big screen, do a little gambling at the casino, and take a stroll through the beautiful art gallery. Or if you’re feeling like getting your work out on, feel free to visit the fitness club and then after your hard work, get a much deserved massage from one of the masseuses! If you need your sports fix and the mini golf just isn’t competitive enough, visit the basketball or volleyball court! This is a great way to let out some of that competitive steam and meet other fellow cruisers. When night fall arrives, dine at one of the fabulousrestaurants then go check out a live concert, be entertained by a musician or get in a good laugh courtesy of one of the comedy shows. The fun doesn’t stop there… When you stop at your destinations feel free to do a little snorkeling, at riding, swim with the dolphins, or just relax on the beach and perfectly brown your skin! TIP: bring your camera! There will be photo opportunities in every direction everywhere you go, so be sure to capture these once in a lifetime memories.

For those of you cruising that have wedding fever, Carnival Cruises provides amazing wedding experiences as well! Whether it is just for the bride and groom or you have more than a hundred guests, Carnival Cruises will make your special dream day turn into reality. You can either choose an on ship wedding, or have your wedding at one of the beautiful destinations that your will be stopping at during your cruise. For those of you who are already married, you can renew your vows during your getaway vacation as well! As Carnival says, say I DO! AGAIN!

Strategies for discounts with Carnival Cruises

Booking early and booking late are two great options when trying to save money when booking with Carniva Cruises. If you are planning a trip for 6 months to a year out, you should book early enabling you to save up to 30-50%! Booking late is a little more risky but is still a great option consider because the goal of the ship is to fill the still vacant cabins and fill this ship up as much as possible, this opens up a good time to get a deal or negotiate a better price for your cruise. With this option you have to be fast because this option is very popular and the last vacancies tend to fill up fast.

It is also a good idea to take your cruise before or after a major holiday, like before spring break, this cruise time is a great money saver. Carnival Cruises usually offers special discounts to the likes of seniors and military or law enforcement etc, so if you feel like you may be a candidate for one of these discounts, ask when you are booking your cruise. Traveling with large groups of people like family and friends is almost always a way to get another discount plus you get to travel with the great people that you know all while saving money! Carnival seems to always be running other discounts so again, when you are booking your cruise you can either ask or will be informed of current discounts.

So now you know about Carnival Cruises and what their vacations are all about, I hoped this helped you with any questions you had about them or provided you with useful information during your cruise picking search. They are a great provider when it comes to taking your cruise and will no doubt give you the ultimate cruise experience. Good luck on booking and thank you for reading my article on Carnival Cruises!

Cruising With Celebrity Cruises

July 6, 2011

Celebrity Cruises

celebrity cruises

Who the HECK is Celebrity Cruises? You may be asking… Do not feel alone my friend, we felt exact same way before I created this article! I didn’t know whether it was a cruise just for celebrities, or if you felt like a celebrity when you’re on it? Anyways, if you are one of the people that know what they are then let me reiterate what you already know and might want to know more about! Celebrity Cruises is a cruise line that was founded in 1988 and all their ships have an X in between their name: Celebrity Cruise uses the X to symbolize the Greek letter “chi”.  Garnering awards like best cruise line, most outstanding cruise interiors, and best healthy dining, among many others, this cruise line prides itself not in showing you the world, but introducing and immersing you in the culture of your destinations, making you feel one with the culture and not just like some visitor. At the same time you will be surrounded by many ethnicities of cooking on your cruise, satisfying all your hunger needs. And to those of you with wedding fever, you can even arrange to get married during one of your stops! For travelers that are looking to get the full experience, Celebrity Cruise groups their shore activities to activity type so you can find ones that match YOUR interest.

Your Celebrity Cruises Experience – On land and on sea

On your cruise, you will have the chance to experience activities that range from shopping to playing cards in the casino, spa and fitness to theatrical productions and live stage shows, and so much more. You will also feel like you aren’t just a customer, because your Celebrity Cruises liner has a ratio of one employee to every two travelers. For those that are traveling WITHOUT kids, go ahead and skip to the next paragraph, but those traveling with the fam, do read on! To those of you who may be contemplating going with babies, kids or teenagers, Celebrity Cruises provides the perfect family vacation!  Your cruise ship will have activities for babies all the way up to 17 year olds. Your cruise ship will have babysitting services and time to interact with your little like “toddler time” which allows children under 3 to hang out with their parents and at the same time allow the kids to interact with other kids and at the same time give the mom and dad freedom to converse with the other parents. Kids that are 3 to 11, the available to them are cutting edge gaming systems and most popular movies, amongst being able to play karaoke, treasure hunts and theme parties. For the teens, rest assured there are awesome activities for you too! Social activities, gaming and movies, sports activities, and teens only dancing, amongst many other will be at your teen’s fingertips! Don’t forget about off the boat activities! For travelers that are looking to get the full experience, Celebrity Cruises groups their shore activities to activity type so you can find ones that match YOUR interest, activities like beautiful beaches, fishing, swimming, snorkeling, hiking, jet skiing, shopping, swim with dolphins, and site seeing, and with the many destination options these sites will range from tropical islands to snow covered glaciers, all while getting a rockin tan! Tough life, but someone has to do it!

A few ways to save some money on your Celebrity Cruises booking

All this sounds like fun, but the whole experience would be a lot more fun if you saved some money in the process right?! Well let me give you a few pointers on how to save some bucks. Basic rules apply here, like booking early, and or booking late, both options can save you money, with the later being a little more risky but still a good option if the boats cabins aren’t filled up, cruise ships will drop their prices to try and fill the remaining vacancies.  For family and friends that are traveling together, Celebrity Cruises runs deals like half off for the third and fourth guests, making everyone’s grand total decrease a good amount. Also depending where you’re going, if you book a suite, you can receive up to 1000 dollars in shipboard credit which is basically like free spending money you can use on the trip for meals, drinks, activities and more. They also have seasonal savings and have savings on certain locations that they travel to. So if you book with Celebrity Cruises, you have a great chance on saving cash while have the time of your life!

Locations to choose from for your trip

Celebrity Cruises gives you many options when choosing your destinations, their most favored seems to be the Caribbean If you’ve already visited the Caribbean and need some new scenery, or just want to go somewhere different, no worries. The cruise line charters cruises to these places: Alaska, Asia, Australia and New Zealand and Bahamas & Bermuda, Canada and New England, Europe, Galapagos, Hawaii, Pacific Coastal, Panama Canal, South America, and the Transatlantic.  With the many locations that a Celebrity cruises provides, there is one that fits anyone’s itinerary!