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Cruise Lines Offering 7 Day Hawaiian Cruises

February 22, 2012

7 Day Hawaiian Cruises

The only current provider of 7 day Hawaiian cruises is Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) who offers cruises that depart out of Honolulu and visit various locations around the Hawaiian Islands including Hilo, Kuaui, Kona and Kahului. 7 Day cruises to Hawaii are offered  by Norwegian in months that include March, April and May which it circles through the islands and works its way back to the Port of Honolulu. The trip itself is offered on their Pride of American which is the only ship sailing under the US Flag, which it first started offering one week Hawaiian cruise vacations in 2005 and its is the first ship to sail under the US flat in order 50 years. Being that it is so new, cruisers will be able to experience  the most up to date accomidation, ammenities and activities, offering one of the best cruise ships to take your Hawaii cruise on.

7 day hawaiian cruises

Activities On NCL’s 7 Day Hawaiian Cruises

The 7 day Hawaii cruises offered on the Pride of America consist of being docked for almost a 100 hours, meaning that half the trip is spent doing on shore activities equating to less time being on the water. The trip consists of visiting 4 islands in the following order; Maui on days 3 and 4, Hilo on day 5, Kona on day 6 and Kauai on Day 7 where you will either be on shore or sailing with 360 degree tropical views. As far as what you can expect to encounter on the boat, here is a list of details that ecompass a Pride of America 7 day Hawaiian cruise:

  • A welcoming round of champagne for the guests before they leave Honolulu.
  • USA themed ship with pictures and statues of all that represents freedom in America.
  • Live entertainment as well as a host of different restaurants and lounges.
  • Pools and hot tubs.
  • A butler at your service with certain cruise packages.
  • State of the art fitness ceneter with massage services.

A myriad of on shore activities are offered as well, some of which include: (more…)

Princess Cruises To Hawaii – Itineraries, On Board & Shore Activities

February 15, 2012

Princess Cruises To Hawaii

There are various Princess cruises to Hawaii that one can take to make their Hawaiian getaway unforgettable. These cruise ships are pretty much like floating 5 star resorts that allow you to live in luxury without the luxury price as Princess Cruises offers excellent deals on their cruise vacations. There are 2 different Princess cruise Hawaii vessels that offer Hawaiian cruises, which are discussed below as well as some of the cruise ship activities and ammenities so you can get a feel for what you can look forward to on your cruise ship!

Princess Cruises in Hawaii


Princess Cruises To Hawaii Itineraries

Star Princess/Grand Princess

These two ships offer Princess cruises to Hawaii, in which they offer 15 day cruise excursions and visit the following places in Hawaii; Maui, Hilo, Kauai, Honolulu as well as Ensenada. The Hawaiian cruise itineraries are offered in January through April as well as September through December in which the ship departs out of San Francisco and makes its way back to San Francisco at the conclusion of the trip, also known as a roundtrip cruise.

Sapphire Princes/Golden Princess

Princess cruises to Hawaii are also offered on these two ships in which they offer 14 day Hawaiian cruises, which are roundtrip out of Los Angeles. Princess Hawaiian cruise itineraries include; Janurary – April as well as September – December just like the above itineraries, in which the visit the same spots in Hawaii; Honolulu, Kauai, Maui, Hilo as well as Ensenda Mexico. (more…)

Cheap Cruises To Hawaii – 9 Methods To Use

January 25, 2012

Cheap Cruises To Hawaii

Cheap cruises to Hawaii can be obtained pretty much with ease these days, as there are so many cruise lines that are all trying to get you to buy a ticket with them, meaning prices keep dropping in order to compete.  This may be a great fact that will work in your favor when booking, but there are even more methods that you can use to get cheap Hawaii cruises, which is where we come in as we have compiled an list of a host of different methods that you can use. So if your are ready to take your Hawaiian getaway on a floating luxury resort where you wil will be surrounded by tropical and exotic scenary every direction you look, all while relaxing and getting to know the Hawaiian heritage, then read on and get familiar with these price saving Hawaiian cruise methods!

Cheap Cruises To Hawaii


Ways To Get Cheap Cruises To Hawaii

Booking early and booking late can bring great prices, but there are more way to go about getting the best deal on your Hawaiian cruise, which are:

  1. Book during “Wave Season” at the months of Janurary through just about mid March are referred to, which is where the best deals on cruise vacations are offered.
  2. Use certain discount packages, like couples, groups, honeymoons, vow renewal, single, etc. Or if you have a profession that may be worthy of a discount, then inquire about that as well, like for fire fighters, police, teachers, serving in the Armed Forces, nurses, government workers and so on.
  3. Cruises often times make you purchase cruise insurance like for a delayed departure or loss of luggage among other aspects, which can be great but can come at a higher price directly through the cruise line than what would come out of purchasing a seperate policy.
  4. This method in one of the most sure fired methods to get cheap cruises to Hawaii, and that is to book the smallest room offered, as all the fun is on deck, which your room will be used for sleeping and thats pretty much it.
  5. Never book a flight with the cruise, as these all inclusive flight prices are known to be much higher than what you could find if you bought directly from an airline. The cheapest times to fly are said to be late Tuesday to early Wednesday.
  6. If you are looking to go on a longer vacation, like 2 weeks, longer cruise trips offer more daily savings. They can also find you deals on shore excursions as well. Making appointments will 3 or 4 travel agents can also get you the best deal available.
  7. Cheap cruises to Hawaii can be found at travel agencies, but finding a travel agent that specializes in cruises will bring your cheaper cruises to Hawaii.
  8. Norwegian Cruise Lines gaurantees the best prices out there, or either they will re-price your cruise at the lower rate that you find or give you the difference in onboard credit. And NCL offers 7 and 14 day cruises to Hawaii.
  9. The last way to get cheap cruises to Hawaii is to ASK, as there are often discounts or deals to be had that they may not just out right tell you about.

Other Things To Keep In Mind

Often times cheap Hawaii cruise deals can be deceiving so when you go to book, make sure you read the fine print before signing anything. Ask the person you are booking the cruise through, whether it be directly or through someone like a travel agent, if the deal they are getting includes everything, or excludes things like fuel and port fees among (more…)

Hawaiian Cruises From Honolulu

January 11, 2012

Hawaiian Cruises From Honolulu

Hawaiian cruises from Honolulu are pretty hard to come by as only one cruise line offers them, and that it, drum roll… Norwegian Cruise Lines! Not only do they offer Hawaii cruises from Honolulu, they also offer their cruisers the best deals, as they have their “Best Price Gaurantee” which states that when you buy your ticket, you have 48 hours to try and find a better price on the same type of trip, which if you do then you get to choose from either a re-price where you cruise vacation will be set at the lower cost, or get 110 percent of whatever the difference was between Norwegian’s price and the competitors price in the form of onboard credit!

Norwegian Hawaiian Crusies From Honolulu Itineraries

Norwegian cruises has desiganted their Pride of America cruise ship to be their tour ship for cruising the Hawaiian Islands from Honolulu, which prices as of 2012 range from; $999 for inside cabins, $1099 for oceanview rooms, $1519 for a balcony room as well as $2449 for the suites. All of the Pride of America’s itineraries consist of 7 day round trip cruises, which the departure port is Honolulu and the ports of call, or places they visit consist of Kona, Maui, Kauai as well as Hilo. The Pride of America Honolulu has at least one departure date and usually 4, every single month, offering a wide range of choices for when you want to take your cruise vacation, all of which depart from the Aloha Tower Market Place Pier.

The Pride of America offers guests an experience unlike any other cruise ship on the water, with their “Island Hopping” cruises of Hawaii. With a massive American flag-like design streaked down each side of the ship, you will know that you have arrived on the only ship that cruises “under th American flag”, the first ship to do so in over 50 years! The ship itself offers a guest experience the consists of: (more…)

Hawaiian Island Cruises from Honolulu

July 20, 2011

Hawaiian Island Cruises from Honolulu

hawaiian island cruises from honolulu

There are a couple differnt cruise lines out there to choose from if you are looking for Hawaiian Island Cruise from Honolulu itineraries. Whether you just moved into Hawaii and are looking to make yourself familiar with your new home, or have been a local since day one and want to explore the other island that are close to you, Hawaiian Island cruises from Honolulu are made possible by cruise companies out there for screaming deals because they are all competing against eachother to get your business, so you have the opportunity to get the same cruise vacation for a discounted cost! This article will show you each cruise company that is offering Hawaiian Island cruises from Honolulu and their departure dates as well as give you a little background information on each cruise line to help you narrow down you search even more for which one you want to cruise the islands with.

Cruise lines that offer Hawaiian Island Cruises from Honolulu

There are two different cruise lines that depart out of the Port of Honolulu and offer cruises at all different times of the year, here is the list of cruise lines you can choose from:

  • Norwegian cruise line is one of the companies that provides Hawaiian Island Cruises from Honolulu on their Pride of America cruise ship. Some of the best things about sailing with Norwegian is it’s ”free style cruising” which gives you the freedom to eat when and where you want without having to be assigned times and places to eat, and they also gauratees that they give you the lowest price. This ship is all about showing you all that Hawaii has to offer, provding over 60 cruises through Hawaii with four or more departure dates in each month of the year. The cruise dates are as follows:

All of these are 7 days cruises: JANUARY 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th, FEBRUARY 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th, MARCH 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th, APRIL 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th, MAY 7th, 14th, 21st, 28, JUNE 4th ,11th, 18th, 25th, JULY 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th, AUGUST 6th, 13th, 20th, SEPTEMBER 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th, OCTOBER 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th, NOVEMBER 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th, DECEMBER 3rd, 10th, 17th, and 24th.

  • Princess Cruises is also another line that offers Hawaiian Island cruises from Honolulu. They offer far less options compared to Norwegian but still give you a couple chances to cruise the islands of Hawaii with their one way trip from Honolulu to Papeete which is in Tahiti where you will visit three spots in Hawaii that are Hilo, Lahaina and Nawiliwili in Hawaii then carry onto Papeete while stopping in Raiatea, Bora Bora and Moorea. The Princess Cruises are smaller than most cruise ships giving you the feel of knowing where you are on the ship instead of feeling lost in the shuffle on bigger ships. They offer a very eleagant cruise experience with many things to do onboard ranging from large entertainment shows, playing cards in the casino to the 9 hole mini golf course which are some in the large list of activities.  There is one other option for Hawaiian Island Cruises from Honolulu that Princess offers although it carries on to as far as Austrailia. This is a 19 day cruise that ends up in Sydney but only has one stop in Hawaii and the is in Lahaina.

Conclusion to Hawaiian Island cruises from Honolulu

The best option out there to cruise from Honolulu to the Hawaiian Islands has to be Norwegian cruise line if you are only looking to stay within Hawaii. If you are looking to get more out Hawaiian Island cruises from Hawaii with the chance to stop at different locations, then Princess is a great line for that.