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Norwegian Cruise Line Reviews – Should You Cruise With Norwegian?

July 14, 2011

Norwegian Cruise Line Reviews

Norwegian Cruise Line Reviews

There are a mulititude of Norwegain Cruise Line reviews out there right now that can give one and idea of what a vacation experience would be like on one of the fleet of ships Norwegian has.  If by chance you don’t know who Norwegian Cruise Line is, it is a cruise company based out of Miami Dade County, Florida and currently has ten ships in operation and 140 ports of call in 4 continents. If you are looking for the pros and cons when comptemplating which company you should go with, or just looking to get more information on Norwegian, this Norwegian  Cruise Line reviews article will give you a host of details that will inform you and/or help you make your descision.

Norwegian Cruise Line Reviews Pro’s

  • Unlike some other cruise companies, Norwegian has vast array of choices for dining options with many different ethnic choices.  Also with dining, there have been many Norwegian Cruise reviews that have talked about how great it was that Norwegian gave them the freedom to choose whenever they want to eat at multiple restaurant on the ships, whereas with other cruise ships you have set times and places to eat. This “freedom cruise style” also applys to activities and entertainment and has been a pro on many Hawaiian Cruise Line reviews.
  • Often times on a cruise you may be looking to get a way and have some quite time.  There are many places to relax and get into a good book with places like the library, art room, card gallery and the chapel. The service is constatnly being doted upon on many Norwegian Cruise Line reviews out there.  The employees are discribed as very professional that provide great service and are very nice.  Like other cruise lines they have a small staff to passenger ratio so you know you will always have someone around to cater to you needs.
  • For the business people on the cruise, on some of the boats there are rooms that seat up to 60 people as a place to conduct seminars andmany Norwegian Cruise Line reviews came away very happy with this option that let them do business on the seas.
  • There are a myriad of activities that are offered on Norwegian Cruises that passengers always have a blast partaking in.  Some of the list of activities that are available on the ships are; casinos, spa & fitness, waterslides, The Blue Man Group if you are cruising on the Norwegian Epic, magicians, singers, comedians are among some of the huge list of things to do.
  • If you ever get lost on the ship, no worries.  All you have to do is follow the upholstered fish on the floors which all ‘swim” towards the front of the ship.
  • They gaurantee the best price available so you know you will be getting the best deal possible.

Norwegian Cruise Line Reviews – CONS

  • This one can work both ways. On  Norwegian Cruise ships there are not very many kids aboard.  This could mean that if you are going with kids or teens, it may be pretty slim pickings when it comes to making friends and hanging out with people their age.  This could work well if you are looking to relax especially at the pools and hot tubs with little distraction.
  • For the restaurants that require a reservation, sometimes it is super hard to get one with some many people on the boat, espcially last minute reservations.
  • Norwegian Cruise Line reviews have described on multiple occassions that they felt like they were often times tying to be sold something throughout their trips like drinks, pictures, souveniours, etc.

Of all the Norwegian Cruise Line reviews that previous passengers have provided, the positive seems to heavily outweigh the negative making Norwegian Cruises a great choice when deciding which cruise company you want to set sail with.

Hawaiian Cruise Reviews – What Your Cruise Will Be Like

July 14, 2011

Hawaiian Cruise Reviews

Hawaiian Cruise Reviews

There are so many Hawaiian cruise reviews out there that entail the pros and cons of taking a cruise to Hawaii.  These reviews are a good way to enlighten you on what to expect but there are so many out there that it can get frustrating looking at all of them If you are contemplating whether to go on cruise or not, or are just looking to gather more information on what Hawaiian Cruises have to offer, this article on Hawaiian Cruise reviews will provide what most passengers are experiencing positive and negative, on their cruise to Hawaii.

Hawaiian Cruise Reviews PRO’s

Here is a list of what passengers have been doting on as far as what the best part of their cruises has offered them:

  • Hawaiian cruises offer many options for you to book your vacation with a package deal which includes anything from your flight arrangements all the way to your dining options and baggage fees.  This allows passengers to know right off the bat the ballpark amount that they are going to be spending before even starting your vacation cruise.  This is on many Hawaiian cruise reviews as a great perk to taking a cruise to Hawaii.
  • Planning and staying to a schedule is sometimes a daunting task, especially if you have no idea about where you are going. Hawaiian cruises solve this problem by offering the itinerary for you to see pretty much all the islands have to offer like every main island. Your cruise will have planned destinations throughout the Hawaiian Islands and will have details and offer great places to go for each destination you arrive at.
  • Hawaiian cruise reviews have stated the activities and entertainment pretty much trump almost anything that a traditional Hawaiian vacation would offer. Some of the activities and entertainment that you can expect to see on your cruise ship are waterslides, basketball and volleyball games, comedians and jugglers, magicians and musicians, theater productions, celebrity impersonators, and some even have the Blue Man Group perform on the ship! This is really just the tip of the iceberg as far as what there is to offer on Hawaiian cruise ships.
  • The dining options are endless; you will literally never run out of options as far as eating goes.
  • There is almost always a luau planned, which will help you feel like a local instead of a vacationer.

Hawaiian Cruise Reviews CON’s

  • Another aspect that are on various Hawaiian cruise reviews is that people would like to change is that if you are looking to see the sights, there is a limited time that you can do that before you have to be back on you ship to take off to the next destination.  This may make it feel like you trip is being cramped.
  • Depending on where you are located, you may have to fly a couple hours to even get to the cruise port.
  • On a cruise ship there is constantly activities and things going on. This often times makes it hard to get some relaxing down time.
  • There is always the chance that you can hit some stormy weather and/or choppy seas. For those who getting motion sickness easily, this could be a bit of a drag.  The plus side of this is that there is rarely bad weather during the cruising schedule, and you are going to feel the effects of it a lot less because of the sheer size of the boat, unlike being in a smaller boat. This has only been on a limited number of Hawaiian cruise reviews.

As you can see, the pros of taking a cruise definitely outweigh the cons making it an excellent choice when planning your vacation. These are some of the main things you will find on Hawaiian cruise reviews as far as positive and negative aspects of taking a Hawaiian cruise.

Celebrity Cruise Reviews – Should You Cruise With Celebrity?

July 14, 2011

Celebrity Cruise reviews

celebrity cruise reviews

Millions of people have had the chance to take a cruise with Celebrity Cruise, and many of them have written Celebrity Cruise reviews after their experience was over.  For those of you who do not know who Celebrity Cruises are, they are one of the biggest cruise companies currently in operation. They are based out of Miami, Florida and currently have a fleet of eleven cruise vessels that are providing cruises year around.  This Celebrity Cruise review article will provide you with the pros and con’s of every aspect you will encounter when taking a cruise with Celebrity.

Celebrity Cruise reviews pro’s

The pros fortunately outweigh the cons when it comes to setting sail with them, so we will start with the positive reviews first.  Here is a list of the positive Celebrity Cruise reviews:

  • The entertainment is noted by many to be incredible. There are acts by musicians, magic shows, jugglers, and comedians.  There is also opportunity for passengers to be a part of the entertainment because Celerity has themed parties where passengers can dress up to the particular theme. With many saying that the acts are as good as or better than the ones you would see in Vegas, this aspect, many times has been doted upon.
  • The service is said to be very great on many of the Celebrity Cruise reviews.  The service provided is very attentive and professional, and at the same time providing a laid back and humorous service experience. From the luggage valet and the butler service in all the suites, Celebrity Cruise has a ratio of one employee to every two guests, making it hard for anyone to feel left out.  They also address you by your name.
  • It has been said by many people writing reviews that the ships are impeccable.  From the rooms and restaurants to the outdoor environment, they have been known to keep it looking spic and span.
  • They have great youth programs making it easy for the whole family to partake in your vacation. With activities for ages ranging from 0 – 17 like gaming systems, movies, and teen dances and dinners, there is literally something to do for everyone.
  • The rooms are said to be greatly designed and provide a comfortable  cruise experience

Cons of Celebrity Cruise reviews

  • Another drawback for the adult passengers looking to relax in the hot tub, a lot of times during the day there are loads of children playing in them, although the sign says no one under the age of 16.
  • Celebrity doesn’t really enforce the strictest dining code and it has been noted on many Celebrity Cruise reviews that people have worn hats and t-shirts that aren’t very suitable for a sit down dining experience. If this sort of thing doesn’t really sit right with you, it may make the dining experience a little unpleasant.
  • Another con on some Celebrity Cruise reviews is as far as cruisers looking for a quite spot to relax and read, it may be tough because there are always a lot of activities going on.
  • At around 9:30 it is pretty tough to find dining experiences besides. room service

This is what some of the majority of cruisers have reported when describing their experience with Celebrity, although some negatives have came up, Celebrity Cruise reviews seemed to be outweighed with positive reviews, making them a good choice to go with when booking your cruise.

Norwegian Cruise Line Hawaii – Cruise To Hawaii With Norwegian

July 14, 2011

Norwegian Cruise Line Hawaii

Norwegian Cruise Line Hawaii

There are many Norwegian Cruise Line Hawaii cruises that Norwegian offers to their potential cruisers. They offer multiple cruises and cruise days to choose from over the next couple years giving you plenty of time to plan ahead.  You will also find many deals and discounts on these vacation packages as well as Norwegian are known for give great deals to their passengers.  The article will give you a peak behind the curtains when it comes to the experience you will have on one of the Norwegian Cruise Line Hawaii trips they have planned for this year.

Norwegian Cruise Line Hawaii options

There are currently Norwegian Cruise Line Hawaii ten Hawaiian cruise excursions to choose from when booking with Norwegian.  Out of all of them there is one 10 night cruise, two 11 day cruises, one 13 night cruise and 11 cruises that last 15 days.  Most all the Norwegian Cruise Line Hawaii trips offer a multitude of the same places to depart from ranging from multiple places in Hawaii, Mexico and California among others.  Here is a list of all the ships and a bit on the itinerary.

  • The 10 day Norwegian Cruise Line Hawaii vacation ship departs on November 1st 2011, and is called the Celebrity Century. The prices on these start from $799 for an inside ship, $1149 for the ocean view, $1749 for the veranda, $1849 for the concierge class, and $2149 for a suite.  This specific ship departs from Ensenada, Mexico on and stops in five different locations in Hawaii. Those destinations in order are Hilo, Mount Kilauea, Kailua Kona, Lahaina and Honolulu.
  • The two Norwegian Cruise Line Hawaii cruises that are the 11 nights are on the Celebrity Millennium and the Celebrity Solstice with prices ranging from around $1200 to around $2800.  The Celebrity Millennium sets sail from port in Esanado, Mexico and its destinations are the same as the 10 day cruise. Its departure date is the 22nd of October 2012.  The Celebrity Solstice departs from Honolulu and Oahu and stops at the same locations as the above as well. It leaves on April 25th 2013.
  • The 13 day Norwegian Hawaiian cruise sets sail on the Celebrity Century on March 23rd 2012, from Honolulu and Oahu. Prices for the 13 day range from the lowest of $1149 and get as high as $3249.
  • Every one of the Norwegian Cruise Line Hawaii trips is taken on the Celebrity Century. The prices per room vary like all the others as well starting with the veranda range from $1349 to $1779, the ocean views: $1999 to $2489, veranda: $2449 to $2899, concierge class: $2549 to $2999 and suite: $3399 to $3669.  the dates that the Century departs are October 2nd 2011, October 17th 2011, April 5th, 2012, April 20th 2012, October 5th 2012, October 20th 2012, November 4th 2012, November 19th 2012, February 2nd 2013, February 17th 2013 and last but not least the March 19th 2013 cruise.

Conclusion to Norwegian Cruise Line Hawaii

This is the list of the current cruise lines that are currently planned for Norwegian Cruise Line Hawaii trips.  These cruises also provide land tours as well.  Besides Norwegian guaranteeing the lowest prices around, some of the discounts that you can often find on these trips are booking early and booking late which provide discounts all the time and when booking with Norwegian.  Also be sure to ask what the current discounts are that are being offered on your particular Norwegian Cruise Line Hawaii cruise as there is almost always a chance to get a percentage knocked off or get free cruising credits

Norwegian Cruise Line Jewel

July 12, 2011

Norwegian Cruise Line Jewel

Norwegian Cruise Line Jewel

The Norwegian Cruise Line Jewel definitely lives up to its name, and has been providing cruisers with luxurious and price efficient trips since 2005.  Since beginning service, amongst providing cruise experiences for thousands of people, has also appeared on Donald Trumps popular show The Apprentice. This article will provide you will your experience on the ship with a no fluff pros and cons list you can expect to encounter on the Norwegian Cruise Line Jewel.

Pros of the Norwegian Cruise Line Jewel

There are many positive aspects the Jewel cruise experience will produce during a cruise vacation, this is a list of some of the thumbs up’s:

  • The Blue Lagoon provides 24 hour food court style place to eat, also allowing one to stay as late as they want with no extra charge.  Here is a great for young adults to hang out, as well as adults that may be looking to get away for a little while and have some fun while the kids are having their fun.
  • The employees, you will find are some of the coolest and respectful people you will ever vacation with.  The cruise staff seems to always be a plus on any review you read about cruise experiences on the Norwegian Cruise Line Jewel.
  • The activities on the Norwegian Cruise Line Jewel are literally endless and have had passengers ranting and raving about them from the beginning.  A short list of the best activities that this vessel provides is the Stardust Theater which provides nightly shows on 3 decks and seats over a thousand people, there a 6 different hot tubs, a casino full of slots, mini golf, basketball and volleyball courts, hypnotists, jugglers, daily fitness classes, big screen movies, and much more aboard the Norwegian Cruise Line Jewel!
  • Freestyle dining is an awesome new innovative way to dine that the Norwegian Cruise Line Jewel provides along with the others ship liners in the Norwegian family.  Freestyle dining is essentially this; you dine whenever you feel like wherever you feel like, without having to adhere to the strict eating schedule that cruises often require ship passengers to follow.  This option is great when wanting to see a show for a second time, but might not have got to catch it because it was around dinner time, not with Freestyle dining!
  • The entertainment is another aspect that really stands out on the cruise ship.  The Jewel has great entertainment that ranges from jugglers, hypnotists, comedians, singers and even a show by the crew are some of the provide entertainment on the Norwegian Cruise Line Jewel.
  • Their rooms are ready for you as soon as you board so no waiting around to go put you bags away and relax

Cons of the Norwegian Cruise Experience

  • For people who are looking into a good book on the Norwegian Cruise Line Jewel it has been noted by many passengers that the seats in the library are uncomfortable and there aren’t many places on the boat that provide a good environment to relax and read.
  • The Norwegian Cruise Line Jewel has a design flaw on the 12th floor there is a family pool and an adult pool literally ten feet away from each other and they don’t do a very good job letting you know which one is which, so it’s a little hectic and not a good place if adults want to get away from the kids for a while.
  • When eating in the Garden buffet, it is often tuff to find a seat because there is limited seating in the restaurant.

So there you have it, some of the pros and cons that you may experience on the ship. All in all out of all the cruise ships out there, the Norwegian Cruise Line Jewel has a lot more positives then negative, making it a great option when considering the best cruise vessel to vacation on.