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Celebrity Cruise Hawaii Itineraries

February 8, 2012

Celebrity Cruise Hawaii

There are a host of different Celebrity Cruise Hawaii vacation itineraries that you can use to make your Hawaii getaway as great as possible. Celebrity cruises has been providing Hawaiian cruises for many years now, allowing them to perfect their approach in providing the best experience possible, as well as with many cruise lines out there all competing for business, Celebrity cruises to Hawaii have become cheap than ever without sparing any of the great recreation as well as ammenities and accomidations, along with deals for those traveling with groups with great discounts on the third and fourth guest. Below are the different ships that offer Celebrity Cruise Hawaii departures as well as details on what islands that visit as well as how long they vacation for.

celebrity cruise hawaii

The Celebrity Cruise Hawaii Itineraries

Celebrity Century – The Celebrity Century is designated as one of their main providers of Celebrity Hawaiian cruises, which the Century offers 15 day cruises that depart from San Diego, CA. They visit all of the most popular Hawaiian Islands on the cruise, those of which include; Kailua Kona, Maui, Oahu, Lahaina, Mount Kilauea as well as Ensenda in Mexico. Prices for this 15 day Celebrity Cruise Hawaii vavacation range from $1,299 for inside cabins to up to $3,399 for a suite overlooking the ocean. Itineraries for this Hawaiian cruise are offered in April, October, November as well as Feberuary.

Celebrity Millenium – The Celebrity Millenium also offers Celebrity Cruise Hawaiian vacations which last a total of 11 days and depart from Ensenada in Mexico. The cruise visits Hilo, Kailua Kona, Mount Kilauea, Oahu, Lahaina, Maui and Honolulu. Hawaiian cruises with Celebrity on the Millenium are offered in October and prices range anywhere from as low as $799 for inside cabins to up to $2,849 for suites.

Celebrity Solstice – The Celebrity Solstice is the third and last cruise ship that offers cruises to Hawaii and offers 11 day itineraries. Celebrity Cruise Hawaii trips are offered in April which the Solstice visist the following Hawaii locations; Hilo Honolulu, Maui, Oahu, Mount Kilauea, Kailua Kona, Lahaina as well as Ensenada in Mexico. The Solstice departs from Honolulu and offers a price range that ranges from $1,349 for inside cabins to up to $3,549 for suites. (more…)

Celebrity Cruise Reviews – Should You Cruise With Celebrity?

July 14, 2011

Celebrity Cruise reviews

celebrity cruise reviews

Millions of people have had the chance to take a cruise with Celebrity Cruise, and many of them have written Celebrity Cruise reviews after their experience was over.  For those of you who do not know who Celebrity Cruises are, they are one of the biggest cruise companies currently in operation. They are based out of Miami, Florida and currently have a fleet of eleven cruise vessels that are providing cruises year around.  This Celebrity Cruise review article will provide you with the pros and con’s of every aspect you will encounter when taking a cruise with Celebrity.

Celebrity Cruise reviews pro’s

The pros fortunately outweigh the cons when it comes to setting sail with them, so we will start with the positive reviews first.  Here is a list of the positive Celebrity Cruise reviews:

  • The entertainment is noted by many to be incredible. There are acts by musicians, magic shows, jugglers, and comedians.  There is also opportunity for passengers to be a part of the entertainment because Celerity has themed parties where passengers can dress up to the particular theme. With many saying that the acts are as good as or better than the ones you would see in Vegas, this aspect, many times has been doted upon.
  • The service is said to be very great on many of the Celebrity Cruise reviews.  The service provided is very attentive and professional, and at the same time providing a laid back and humorous service experience. From the luggage valet and the butler service in all the suites, Celebrity Cruise has a ratio of one employee to every two guests, making it hard for anyone to feel left out.  They also address you by your name.
  • It has been said by many people writing reviews that the ships are impeccable.  From the rooms and restaurants to the outdoor environment, they have been known to keep it looking spic and span.
  • They have great youth programs making it easy for the whole family to partake in your vacation. With activities for ages ranging from 0 – 17 like gaming systems, movies, and teen dances and dinners, there is literally something to do for everyone.
  • The rooms are said to be greatly designed and provide a comfortable  cruise experience

Cons of Celebrity Cruise reviews

  • Another drawback for the adult passengers looking to relax in the hot tub, a lot of times during the day there are loads of children playing in them, although the sign says no one under the age of 16.
  • Celebrity doesn’t really enforce the strictest dining code and it has been noted on many Celebrity Cruise reviews that people have worn hats and t-shirts that aren’t very suitable for a sit down dining experience. If this sort of thing doesn’t really sit right with you, it may make the dining experience a little unpleasant.
  • Another con on some Celebrity Cruise reviews is as far as cruisers looking for a quite spot to relax and read, it may be tough because there are always a lot of activities going on.
  • At around 9:30 it is pretty tough to find dining experiences besides. room service

This is what some of the majority of cruisers have reported when describing their experience with Celebrity, although some negatives have came up, Celebrity Cruise reviews seemed to be outweighed with positive reviews, making them a good choice to go with when booking your cruise.

How To Get The Best Celebrity Cruise Deals

July 10, 2011

Celebrity Cruise deals

celebrity cruise deals

If you are thinking about taking a vacation with Celebrity in the near future, Celebrity Cruise deals are definitely available, lots of them! Whatever timeframe you are looking to cruise or however long you want to vacation for, they most likely have a deal for you if not two or three. So as far as the discount you are looking for, look no further because this article will go into detail about all the Celebrity Cruise deals that are out there, and how you can seize the opportunity to save on you cruise!

Celebrity Cruise deals that are available to you

Of course as many of you know booking early and booking late will save you money right off the bat, but there are many other options out there. There are some many great sites out there that provide great Celebrity Cruise deals; you just need to know where to look. The main site will provide good Celebrity Cruise deals, but there are other great sites you should know about before settling with what they have to offer. A great site to find deals that are usually themed for the exact time you are looking for is cheap Right now they are providing what they call a summer blowout which entails anything from family discounts, providing opportunity to save up to 50% on the third and fourth passenger to just by booking with them they will provide you with one free shore excursion ticket. Celebrity Cruise deals don’t stop there, they also have if you are cruising to Europe or the Caribbean, they give you a chance to receive up to 1600 dollars in free air credit for trips of 4 people, and on some of their cruises if you book a stateroom, this will open up the opportunity to receive up to 1000 dollars in onboard spending which equals free money to spend on anything you want on your cruise!

Another great site that will help you get the same vacation you wanted with a slashed price tag is which provides great promo codes. Their Celebrity Cruise deals coupons are as follows: A flat out 250 dollar discount code, another code for 50 dollars off each cabin, a hundred dollars off code for veranda rooms which are rooms with a balcony and view of the ocean.

Celebrity Cruises deals on the main site

As far as the main site of Celebrity goes, they are always offering great deals for all types of vacation packages. Celebrity Cruise deals on the main site start with the early bird and last minute deals where you can save big. If you are planning to do a Bermuda cruise, you can now cruise for under a hundred dollars a day with Celebrity offering this for only 699 for the 7 day vacation. It gets even better; they now have a Caribbean 7 night excursion for the low price of 599 dollars. Celebrity Cruise deals is provided for longer excursions as well like the Greek Isles & Turkey Cruise that is for 12 days and is available for as low as 999 for the entire trip! There is also a great deal on going to Europe on the North Europe vacation for 1599 for 12 days of bliss.

Conclusion to Celebrity Cruise deals

These are some of the best places to get discounts and really cut your costs when hitting the seas for your vacation. There are many other sites out there but the ones listed above are the most credible and produce the best results for getting great deals on you dream vacation. So save the headache and daunting task of searching around for best Celebrity Cruise deals by checking out these sites and milking those deals for what their worth!

Cruising With Celebrity Cruises

July 6, 2011

Celebrity Cruises

celebrity cruises

Who the HECK is Celebrity Cruises? You may be asking… Do not feel alone my friend, we felt exact same way before I created this article! I didn’t know whether it was a cruise just for celebrities, or if you felt like a celebrity when you’re on it? Anyways, if you are one of the people that know what they are then let me reiterate what you already know and might want to know more about! Celebrity Cruises is a cruise line that was founded in 1988 and all their ships have an X in between their name: Celebrity Cruise uses the X to symbolize the Greek letter “chi”.  Garnering awards like best cruise line, most outstanding cruise interiors, and best healthy dining, among many others, this cruise line prides itself not in showing you the world, but introducing and immersing you in the culture of your destinations, making you feel one with the culture and not just like some visitor. At the same time you will be surrounded by many ethnicities of cooking on your cruise, satisfying all your hunger needs. And to those of you with wedding fever, you can even arrange to get married during one of your stops! For travelers that are looking to get the full experience, Celebrity Cruise groups their shore activities to activity type so you can find ones that match YOUR interest.

Your Celebrity Cruises Experience – On land and on sea

On your cruise, you will have the chance to experience activities that range from shopping to playing cards in the casino, spa and fitness to theatrical productions and live stage shows, and so much more. You will also feel like you aren’t just a customer, because your Celebrity Cruises liner has a ratio of one employee to every two travelers. For those that are traveling WITHOUT kids, go ahead and skip to the next paragraph, but those traveling with the fam, do read on! To those of you who may be contemplating going with babies, kids or teenagers, Celebrity Cruises provides the perfect family vacation!  Your cruise ship will have activities for babies all the way up to 17 year olds. Your cruise ship will have babysitting services and time to interact with your little like “toddler time” which allows children under 3 to hang out with their parents and at the same time allow the kids to interact with other kids and at the same time give the mom and dad freedom to converse with the other parents. Kids that are 3 to 11, the available to them are cutting edge gaming systems and most popular movies, amongst being able to play karaoke, treasure hunts and theme parties. For the teens, rest assured there are awesome activities for you too! Social activities, gaming and movies, sports activities, and teens only dancing, amongst many other will be at your teen’s fingertips! Don’t forget about off the boat activities! For travelers that are looking to get the full experience, Celebrity Cruises groups their shore activities to activity type so you can find ones that match YOUR interest, activities like beautiful beaches, fishing, swimming, snorkeling, hiking, jet skiing, shopping, swim with dolphins, and site seeing, and with the many destination options these sites will range from tropical islands to snow covered glaciers, all while getting a rockin tan! Tough life, but someone has to do it!

A few ways to save some money on your Celebrity Cruises booking

All this sounds like fun, but the whole experience would be a lot more fun if you saved some money in the process right?! Well let me give you a few pointers on how to save some bucks. Basic rules apply here, like booking early, and or booking late, both options can save you money, with the later being a little more risky but still a good option if the boats cabins aren’t filled up, cruise ships will drop their prices to try and fill the remaining vacancies.  For family and friends that are traveling together, Celebrity Cruises runs deals like half off for the third and fourth guests, making everyone’s grand total decrease a good amount. Also depending where you’re going, if you book a suite, you can receive up to 1000 dollars in shipboard credit which is basically like free spending money you can use on the trip for meals, drinks, activities and more. They also have seasonal savings and have savings on certain locations that they travel to. So if you book with Celebrity Cruises, you have a great chance on saving cash while have the time of your life!

Locations to choose from for your trip

Celebrity Cruises gives you many options when choosing your destinations, their most favored seems to be the Caribbean If you’ve already visited the Caribbean and need some new scenery, or just want to go somewhere different, no worries. The cruise line charters cruises to these places: Alaska, Asia, Australia and New Zealand and Bahamas & Bermuda, Canada and New England, Europe, Galapagos, Hawaii, Pacific Coastal, Panama Canal, South America, and the Transatlantic.  With the many locations that a Celebrity cruises provides, there is one that fits anyone’s itinerary!