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Carnival Cruise Hawaii Itineraries & How To Get Deals

March 1, 2012

Carnival Cruise Hawaii

There are multiple Carnival Cruise Hawaii itineraries that you can take that offer you a floating 5 star vacation through the Hawaiian Islands.  These Carnival Hawaiian crusies offering loads of fun on board as well as a myriad of different activities on shore that can be purchased for excellent prices compared to buying them separately. There are currently 3 different ships that depart for Hawaii from different ports and on different dates, which the different options are expanded on right below.

carnival cruise hawaii

Carnival Cruise Hawaii Itineraries

Carnival Miracle – The Carnival Miracle offers the following Carnival Cruise Hawaii departures:

  • Cruises lasting 15 days that depart out of Los Angeles and makes stops in locations that include; Kona, Maui, Honolulu, Hilo, Kauai as well as Ensenada in Mexico. As far as prices go for this Hawaiian cruise with Carnival, prices range from around $1,250 for inside rooms and up to around $2,850 for their suites. They offer the same itinerary as this Carnival Cruise but the only difference is that it visits Vancouver instead of Ensenada where prices are virtually the same.
  • 15 day cruises on the Carnival Miracle are also offered that depart out of Vancouver which they visit; Kona, Honolulu, Maui, Kauai, Hilo along with Long Beach in California. Prices range from around $1,280 for inside cabins to up to $2,800 for the suites.

Carnival Spirit - The Carnival Spirit offers the following Carnival Cruise Hawaii trips:

  • 15 day cruises that leave from San Diego in California and makes stops in Kona, Maui, Honolulu, Hilo along with Ensenada where this trip can be purchased for around $1,200 for inside cabins to up to around $4,390 for the suites.
  • There is also a 12 day cruises that departs out of Vancouver and sails to Honolulu, Maui, Hilo, Kauai and Kona offering prices that consist of around $1,070 for the inside rooms and up to around $2,600 for their suites. (more…)

All You Need To Know About Carnival Cruise Lines

July 15, 2011

Carnival Cruise Lines

carnival cruise lines

Carnival Cruise Lines is a cruise company based out of the Doral suburb in Florida. They have been in business ever since 1972 and have a fleet of 11 cruise ships. They provide cruises for passengers all over the world, with over sixty destinations in Bahamas, Hawaii, Europe, Panama Canal, South America, Caribbean, Bermuda, Canada/New England, Alaska and Mexico. Carnival Cruise Lines is one of the biggest cruise companies on the market as well as one of the most reputable.  They are known for their outstanding service while providing customers with great deals on all of their cruise vacations.  This article will go into detail with about all the great things to partake in on one of the Carnival cruise company vessels and some of the deals that are out there for the taking.

Best aspects of Carnival Cruise Lines

A Carnival vacation will definitely consist of awesome memories, lots of laughs and loads of fun.  Here is a list of some of the best things to do on a Carnival Cruise Lines ship:

  1. When taking a Carnival Cruise Lines vacation cruise, you will be assigned a stateroom steward who will be there to handle your every need from sun up to sun down.
  2. There is a newspaper delivered to your doorstep every evening on Carnival Cruise Lines with details entailing the next day’s activities list.  Some of the daytime activities will include waterslides, a 9 hole mini golf course, movies, concerts, magic shows, and massages, playing a few hands at the casino and taking strolls through art gallery. There is a whole new list of things to do at night including award winning productions, stopping by one of the many bars and clubs, musical acts, comedian shows among many others. Carnival Cruise Lines shore activities will range from snorkeling, swimming with dolphins, riding quads, zip lines, horseback riding golf, sailing and much more.
  3. For those passengers who are considering the possibility of bringing children and teens but don’t know if they should because you don’t know if there is enough to do for them, rest assured Carnival Cruise Lines has you covered!  There are literally activities for everyone ranging from 2 all the way up to 17.  For 2-11 there is what they call Camp Carnival where kids have their own designated place to play games, paint, pool time, movies and much more all well being highly supervised. For 12 to 14 there is Circle C with activities that consist of but aren’t limited to: dance parties, outdoor games, playing games on the latest gaming systems and more. Lastly the 15 to 17 hang out at Club O2 where they can participate in sports, entertainment, music, karaoke, video games and movies.
  4. Carnival Cruise lines have what they call “casual dining” areas where you can eat whatever you want whenever you want, instead of being assigned a particular spot at a designated time. This gives you the freedom to not have to plan your day around your dining experience.
  5. Last but not least are the deals that a Carnival Cruise Lines vacation can bring you. This is your chance to get the same vacation at a percentage of the original cost. One of the deals is families can cruise for as low as $699. Others consist of 150 cash back just for the heck of it, booking early and last minute booking will provide large discounts, and they do great all inclusive packages that will save you lots in the long run on every portion of your cruise.

Conclusion of Carnival Cruise Lines

These are 5 of the best things about taking a cruise with Carnival, being only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to great things to do aboard one of the ships. With these in mind, Carnival Cruise Lines is an awesome choice when deciding which cruise company to go with for your getaway.


Carnival Cruise Ships – What Carnival Offers

July 12, 2011

Carnival Cruise ships

carnival cruise ships

There are 23 different Carnival cruise ships that Carnival Cruise line are operating right now, so with that large of a number of the big boats, it says a lot about how successful they have been. They are all great but there are a few that seem to be a little more popular as far as past passengers are concerned. When it all comes down to it, these Carnival Cruise ships aren’t called Fun Ships for nothing, so whichever one you pick you can’t really go wrong with that name! As well as their motto which is applied on every ship which is all about creating the most memorable cruise experience for the guests and offering an outstanding value, no matter which cruise vessel you take.

The best of the best Carnival Cruise ships

First and foremost in our Carnival Cruise ships list is the Conquest which is themed fully in Las Vegas attire. Life aboard the Conquest will produce by far some of the greatest memories ever. With over 80% of their rooms having ocean views with private balconies, it’s a bit hard to get a bad room. They have one of the largest casinos on the seas, 22 bars and lounges, one indoor pool and two outdoor pools, hair salons, video game rooms and so much more. If by some chance one gets tired of the endless option of activities, you can talk a walk through the place and gaze at the beautiful designs inspired by Fresh Impressionist painters.

Next in the line Carnival Cruise ships is the Fascination. With the Hollywood scene, right off the bat you will feel like a traveling celebrity! On your cruise you can catch a bite to eat on deck at the Coconut Grove Bar & Grill on Lido, and then go relax at one of the spas. When night comes, you can dance at the dance clubs, or go with friends and family and play a round of mini golf. If you are looking to keep up your figure, you can do that on the onboard track or consult one of the personal trainers that are there to help you get ripped!

As far as Carnival Cruise ships go, the Destiny is another one of the favorites. The Destiny’s theme is astrological and it is specialized for those first time cruisers, singles, and families. Your experience the Destiny will include huge productions with lavish production shows which are geared towards all ages. On the Destiny you will also be to rock out at some of the live music shows, check out one of the comedians, and belt your highest tune at the sing along music bar

The Inspiration is next on our Carnival Cruise ships list. The Inspiration provides great activities for adults and kids. While the kids are playing at the Waterworks aqua park, parents can get away and attend the adults only Serenity Retreat. You will experience their new state of the art sound and light system while watching a movie on the big screen. For kids it only gets better, they have what they call Carnival Camp that includes activities, video games and karaoke!

Our last stop on our Carnival Cruise ships list is the Ecstasy. Aboard the Ecstasy, your cruise will consist of ice carving contests, bingo, waterslides and sun bathing; all while being surrounded by the New York theme. The activities don’t stop there; others that are provided are wine seminars, spa classes, late night entertainment and art auctions.

Conclusion to Carnival Cruise ships

So there you go the top 5 favorites as far as your fellow travelers believe. Carnival vacations cruises are some of the greatest and grandest cruise experiences out there today, offering great fun for every age group. The great deals and luxurious surroundings make Carnival a great pick when planning your vacation cruise. I hope this article on Carnival Cruise ships helps when picking out which one you want to party on the seas!

Taking Your Cruise With Carnival Cruises

July 6, 2011

Carnival Cruises

carnival cruises

Carnival Cruises is a cruise line based out of Doral, Miami. These floating resorts are considered tobe the most popular cruise line; Carnival has over sixty different sailing locations in the following: The Caribbean, Mexico, Bahamas, Hawaii, Europe, Canada & New England, Alaska and Transatlantic. They have came a long way from their reputation as being a floating fraternity party, to now dominating the cruise industry being the largest cruise line in the world. For those who do not like the smell of cigarette smoke, Carnival has a limited smoking policy, designating smoking only in the casino, some of the bars, no smoking in the cabins and limiting outside smoke almost completely, only allowing smoking to take place on the Lido Deck which is mid ship. They provide a lovely experience, but if something happens to go wrong, and a passenger is unhappy with their experience, Carnival Cruises allows passengers to disembark at the first port and receive a FULL refund. Carnival also prides itself in providing a great family environment, so if you’re going to book a cruise, no one needs to be left out in the family!

On and off board FUN on your Carnival Cruise

They don’t call them Fun Ships for nothing! While on your cruise, you ship will provide daytime and night time activities. Be prepared to be ride the on ship waterslide, play a round of 9 hole mini golf, check out a movie on the big screen, do a little gambling at the casino, and take a stroll through the beautiful art gallery. Or if you’re feeling like getting your work out on, feel free to visit the fitness club and then after your hard work, get a much deserved massage from one of the masseuses! If you need your sports fix and the mini golf just isn’t competitive enough, visit the basketball or volleyball court! This is a great way to let out some of that competitive steam and meet other fellow cruisers. When night fall arrives, dine at one of the fabulousrestaurants then go check out a live concert, be entertained by a musician or get in a good laugh courtesy of one of the comedy shows. The fun doesn’t stop there… When you stop at your destinations feel free to do a little snorkeling, at riding, swim with the dolphins, or just relax on the beach and perfectly brown your skin! TIP: bring your camera! There will be photo opportunities in every direction everywhere you go, so be sure to capture these once in a lifetime memories.

For those of you cruising that have wedding fever, Carnival Cruises provides amazing wedding experiences as well! Whether it is just for the bride and groom or you have more than a hundred guests, Carnival Cruises will make your special dream day turn into reality. You can either choose an on ship wedding, or have your wedding at one of the beautiful destinations that your will be stopping at during your cruise. For those of you who are already married, you can renew your vows during your getaway vacation as well! As Carnival says, say I DO! AGAIN!

Strategies for discounts with Carnival Cruises

Booking early and booking late are two great options when trying to save money when booking with Carniva Cruises. If you are planning a trip for 6 months to a year out, you should book early enabling you to save up to 30-50%! Booking late is a little more risky but is still a great option consider because the goal of the ship is to fill the still vacant cabins and fill this ship up as much as possible, this opens up a good time to get a deal or negotiate a better price for your cruise. With this option you have to be fast because this option is very popular and the last vacancies tend to fill up fast.

It is also a good idea to take your cruise before or after a major holiday, like before spring break, this cruise time is a great money saver. Carnival Cruises usually offers special discounts to the likes of seniors and military or law enforcement etc, so if you feel like you may be a candidate for one of these discounts, ask when you are booking your cruise. Traveling with large groups of people like family and friends is almost always a way to get another discount plus you get to travel with the great people that you know all while saving money! Carnival seems to always be running other discounts so again, when you are booking your cruise you can either ask or will be informed of current discounts.

So now you know about Carnival Cruises and what their vacations are all about, I hoped this helped you with any questions you had about them or provided you with useful information during your cruise picking search. They are a great provider when it comes to taking your cruise and will no doubt give you the ultimate cruise experience. Good luck on booking and thank you for reading my article on Carnival Cruises!