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Cruise From Hawaii To Australia

July 19, 2011

Cruise from Hawaii to Australia

There are many cruise lines that provide you the opportunity to cruise from Hawaii to Australia.  With this in mind, they are all competing with eachother to give you the best deals possible, making your trip to Australia a lot cheaper than you may have thought. If you are looking to get out of your hometown in Hawaii for a while and take off on a cruise ship to Australia, then this article will explain to you exactly how you can make this possible. You will be provided with information on what cruise lines cruise from Hawaii to Alaska and it will decipher which island they leave from depending on which of island you may be living on right now.

cruise from hawaii to australia

Taking your cruise from Hawaii to Australia

So you already have your Hawaiian tan, why not show it off on a cruise from Hawaii from Australia! You will have many of cruise lines that offer you the opportunity to do exactly that. This section of the article will provide you with all the information on which cruise lines provides Australian cruises as well as major details about the experience you would be having if you choose to take a cruise from Hawaii to Australia vacation with one of these companies.

  • Carnival cruises has a cruise division that is affilliated with them called Carnival Australia that provides you the opportunity to crusie from Hawaii to Australia.  They provide 5 different ships with a sixth being added in December that sail year around to five different locations in Australia that include: Sydney Fremantle, Newcastle Aucklande and Melbourne. Carnvial is one of the biggest and most luxurious cruise lines in operation right now and have came a long way from being labeled as a party ship now having excellent programs for kids and teens as well as for the enire family.  They call their ships the “fun ships” with the main goal of sending you away after having the funnest vacation ever.  Other aspects of Carnival that you will find on your cruise from Hawaii to Australia is that everything is included like dining and the 24 hour service, and the activities are incredible on the ships with things like: lavish casinos, wateslides, 9 hole mini golf courses, basketball and volleyball courts among many others.
  • The next line the provides ships that cruise from Hawaii to Australia is Princess Cruise Line. They provide a total of 3 itineraries that involve going to Australia from Hawaii. Their have departurs from ports in Honolulu, Maui and Kauai for their trips to Hawaii. Princess provides smaller ships with the goal of making their passengers feel more intune with where they are instead of feeling like their lost in the crowd. A great thing about your trip with Princess is that you will be able to dine when you want and where you want instead of being designate a certain spot at a certain restaurant, giving you the freedom to not have to schedule your cruise experience around eating times. They also provide excellent deals for early and late bookings on your cruise from Hawaii to Australia.

Conclusion to Cruise from Hawaii to Australia

As you can see there are multiple options you can go with when cruise to Australia when coming from Hawaii. Both of these cruise lines are well known and provide great cruise experiences with great deals and lots to do. If you cruise from Hawaii to Australia, you will have two different lines to choose from that will both provide you with an excellent vacation.