Everything About Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

July 15, 2011

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

royal caribbean

If you are not familiar with whom Royal Caribbean is, they are a Norwegian/American cruise line that was founded in 1968 and is based out of Miami, Florida and control 25% of the cruise market.  Royal Caribbean currently has a fleet of 22 cruise ships in operation and provides cruises to all of the following destinations: Alaska, Bahamas’, Caribbean, Hawaii, Transatlantic, Asia, Bermuda, Dubai/Emirates, Australia/New Zealand, Canada/New England, Europe and South America.  As far as ports of departure go, Royal Caribbean has 50 different destinations around the world that you can depart from.  This article will go into detail about the best parts of Royal Caribbean including life onboard during your vacation, off shore activities as well as possible deals that you may be able to take advantage of when you book.

Royal Caribbean - What they have to offer

There are many great aspects that Royal liners have to offer. This a partial list of the great thing you will encounter while vacation with Royal Caribbean.

  • The activities on the ship will keep you entertained from sun up to sun down. Here is a lot of the thing you will get the chance to partake in while on your cruise: There is a surf simulator called the Flowrider, a rock climbing wall, take a stroll through the incredible art gallery, karaoke competitions, ice carving demonstrations, big screen movies, trivia, a golf simulator, sports games, live performances, fitness activities and the water slide are just tip of the iceberg of what you will be doing on one of the Royal Caribbean vessels.
  • They provide an excellent family environment with their award winning youth program called Adventure Ocean  that provides a safe and supervised place for kids to hang out allowing parents to get out on their own and enjoy some time together, and it is included in what you paid for when you booked you package. Another great part for the kids is that there are dressed up animated characters from all their favorite animated films like Madagascar, Shrek and many more.
  • The onboard activities are just the beginning of the fun; don’t forget about things to do off the boat. Royal Caribbean has a huge list of activities that will satisfy all you land excursion needs. Some of the options to choose from are: mountain biking, snorkeling, scuba diving, glass bottom boat rides, submarine experiences, exploring the wildlife, hikes, and much more.
  • Royal Caribbean provides everyone that books with them a Cruise Care Cancelation Penalty Waiver which is basically like saying that if your plans fall through for whatever reason before or during the trip, and as they say, ”will waive the non refundable cancellation provision of your cruise ticket contract and pay you in cash the value of the unpaid portion of your trip”.  So rest assured when booking your vacation!
  • Royal ships have what they call “Corporate Programs” that allow you to take you business meetings on the seas all while enjoying the perks of being on a vacation cruise.
  • In the case you may want to party for the holidays on the ocean, Royal Caribbean provides options for holiday vacations in every season of the year.
  • The deals are great with them as well some of the lowest cruise costs available.  Some of the discount options are limited time offers, regional specials, contests and promotions, the Royal Caribbean Visa Card which allows you to earn points towards you next cruise plus multiple others.

Royal Caribbean as one of your choices

This is just the start of the great things you will experience on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship, and with this great list and details, they make a great choice for a cruise line to vacation with.

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