Princess Cruise Alaska Vacations

July 19, 2011

Princess Cruise Alaska vacation

Princess Cruise Alaska

Princess Cruise is a cruise line based out of Santa Clairita, California and Princess Cruise Alaska trips are becoming a more and more popular way to experience the great state of Alaska. If you are looking to get out where you currnently reside and relax on a vacation cruise ship to Alask. Princess cruises currently operates a fleet of seventeen ships and multipe provide you with Princess Cruise Alaska vacations all year around, depending on which season you want to vacation in.  If you are looking to get out where you currnently reside and relax on a vacation cruise ship to Alask, Pricess cruise line is an excellent cruise line to book with that will give you a luxorious trip that will fit whatever budget you may be working with. This article will give you the details about which ships provide Princess Cruise Alaska excursions.

Princess Cruise Alaska – Dates and details of your cruise ship

Princess Cruise Alaska vacations are very popular with this cruise line, and is a great way to vacation to Alaska, this section of the article will give you the details of which of their cruise ships provide trips to Alaska and what you will experience on your cruise ship.

Princess Cruise Alaska excursions are experiences you will not soon forget. Here are some of the main details on what you will experience on your boat. First off, you will be cruising with a famous cruise line because Princess Cruise Line came to fame on The Love Boat TV series where two Princess ships were featured, the Island Princess and the Pacific Princess.  When you first step on your cruise ship, you will instantly feel the luxurious and fun atmosphere every step there after as you pass through the piazza style grand atrium to the grand spiral staircase, and the lifts are all encompsing glass allowing you views of the ocean as far as the eye can see.  As you sail past the sky high glaciers on your Princess cruise Alaska vacation, you will be partaking in their massive list of onboard activities from sun up to sun down that are both geared toward families as well as adult only.  Theier “Princess Patter” which is their daily newspaper will greet you at the door each morning letting you know what is on the activity list, and some of those acitivities will consist of the following; 9 holes of mini golf along with a golf simulator to sharpen you skills, basketball and volleyball games, read a book at their library that have a collection of up to 2000 different books, take a stroll through the art gallery, getting a massage, or relaxing by the pool and hot tub under their retractable glass dome. For the kids, they have youth programs that consist of all kinds of activites geared towards kids aged 3 all the way up to 17. For the adults, their are couples spa experinences and many bars and clubs among many others.

Princess cruise Alaska – Ships that sail to Alaska

This section is dedicated to which ships set sail to Alaska. These are the current ships that that sail to Alaska. There are seven ships out tof the fleet that provide Princess cruise Alaska trips, here are the ships and which months they dapart: Diamond Princess, Golden Princess, Coral Princess, Sea Princess, Island Princess, Sapphire Princess, Star Princess and they all have cruises to Alaska that range from April to October at various times in the month.  So as you can see there are many options you can choose from for you Princess cruise Alaska vacation at different dates on seven different great ships.




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