Experience Freedom On The Pride of America

July 17, 2011

Information About The Pride Of America

Pride Of America

The Pride of America is a cruise ship that is one of the many ships in Norwegian Cruise Line fleet. If you don’t know who Norwegian Cruise Lines are, they are one of the biggest cruise lines in the world and are based out of Florida. Their Pride of America vessel is one of their most popular ships and it provides passengers the opportunity to explore multiple destinations in Hawaii as they are a ship dedicated to only showing you the Hawaiian Islands. This article will go into detail about this specific ship and what it has to offer when you take a cruise on it.

The Pride of America Details

There are many aspects of the ship that set the Pride of America apart from many of the other ships out there on the sea; this section will detail some of the things that make it an incredible option to take your vacation cruise on.

  • First of all, whether being a first time cruiser or a cruise veteran, this cruise liner is bound to leave you impressed with its very unique sleek and modern style. Some of their incredible architectural pieces will definitely leave you awestruck and always impress every passenger that cruise with Norwegian. From the soaring Tiffany glass dome that greets you as soon as you walk into the Capitol Atrium to ascending down the grand staircase on the ship which leads to the Hawaii museum showcases and has a miniature Washington monument you can check out on the way there. The ship also aims to reflect the places and cities we love in great states of America. They achieve this by decorating the cabins with an ambiance of different cities around the United States as well as having huge photographic murals of many of the biggest and best beauties America has to offer, both natural and manmade.
  • Another incredible aspect of the Pride of America is the prices of their trips. They provide some of the best costs around for taking a cruise to Hawaii with prices starting as low as 999 for a 7 day cruise. They also provide deals that make it even cheaper to cruise like their book early cruise happy program that allows you to slash the price of your cruise a significant amount just by booking early
  • The activities are literally endless on the Pride of America. Some of the huge list of activities includes playing games of basketball and volleyball, eating at the colonial style restaurant called the Liberty Restaurant or at the 1930′s themed ocean view Skyline Restaurant, games at the video arcade, cards at the casino, hot tubs and pools. It is also a great ship for families with programs for kids and teens. This is just on the boat, when you get off you will be bombarded by choices that you can participate in offshore that range from swimming with the dolphins and hiking Hawaii’s beautiful terrain to surfing and relaxing on the beach.
  • The Pride of America is always getting raving reviews about the customer service. The ship provides very professional and light hearted service from its staff and are very attentive seeing that they have about one staff member for every two cruisers.

Conclusion to the Pride of America

With a name like they have, it’s hard not to think of the word freedom. As you sail the seas on the Pride of America, you will have a feeling of freedom on the boat the entire time, with your twenty four hour pizza delivery service to in being able to choose when and what you want to eat instead of being designated a certain dining spot at a certain time. These and the aspects listed above among many others make the Pride of America an awesome choice when contemplating which ride you should take on your vacation cruise to Hawaii.


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