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July 8, 2011

Information on Norwegian Cruise Lines

norwegian cruise lines

Norwegian Cruise Lines is one of the multiple cruise lines that are currently in business today. They are based out of Miami Dade Florida, and are currently controlling 8% of the cruise line business. With that name you know they have to live up their name providing epic experiences to all the locations they cruise to. They currently launch have cruises to Alaska, Hawaii, Europe, Canada & New England, Bermuda, Bahamas and Florida and Pacific Coastal. They are becoming increasingly known for introducing you to the beauty
of Norway and multiple Scandinavian countries. Norwegian Cruise Lines prides itself in providing what they like to call Freestyle Cruising which gives the guests the freedom to virtually cruise the way they want to. This option lets guest for example; dine whenever they want without the stick dress code, and as they say more restaurants than days in the week with this allowing you to eat whatever you’re hungry for whenever you’re hungry!

This part of the article deserves to stand on its own when it comes to Norwegian Cruise Lines : they have the best prices, GUARANTEED! I know you might be thinking, but yeah everyone says that! Well let me tell you that their policy when it comes to enforcing their best prices guaranteed perk is that if you book a cruise with Norwegian Cruise Lines and you happen to find a lower advertised price from than them within 48 hours of when your originally placed your order, you can choose from two options. One, you’ll receive 110% of the difference in the form of an
onboard credit, or credit you can use on the ship to buy anything, or two; they will re-price your cruise at the lower price that you found! So no need to worry that you may be getting a better deal on another cruise line. Along with this, they also have package deals, last minute booking deals, on board credit when booking a suite or a villa, and multiple other opportunities to save money on your trip.

Norwegian Cruise Lines = Nonstop FUN

Freestyle cruising doesn’t stop at your dining experience when vacationing with Norwegian Cruise Lines, not in the least! On the boat your days will be filled with endless fun for ALL ages, starting with a game of bowling, to playing wii games on the TWO story screen! If this isn’t enough for you, how about playing some giant chess, video arcades for the kids and the big kids, and ping pong. These are just the start of what you will encounter on your cruise. Want to sit back relax and have fun at the same time, then stop by one of the entertainment events on the ship, with a possible blue man group show, a Broadway play or go get in a good laugh at the expense of the insanely funny comedians. When you’re ready to get off the boat, For 21 and up, Norwegian Cruise Lines offers over 20 different bars and lounges with piano bars, blues clubs, dinner shows and dance club. Along with these incredible things to participate in, they also have fitness centers, a lap pool, a mediation room with floor to ceiling glass, and a tranquil area to get a hot stone massage.

When you’re ready to get off the boat, your will be able to pick from various choices of activities. Some that will be offered by Norwegian Cruise Lines will be shore excursions, cave tubing, hiking and exploring, helicopter rides, kayaking, snorkeling, water activities and best of all relaxing on the tropical beaches. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the amazing things you will be doing while vacationing with this cruise line, and with this itinerary and the best prices, they seem like a good call when planning your dream vacation!

Conclusion to Norwegian Cruise Lines

Thank you very much for reading this and I hope this article on Norwegian Cruise Lines  provided you with the information and details that you needed before you read this!

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