Norwegian Cruise Line Reviews – Should You Cruise With Norwegian?

July 14, 2011

Norwegian Cruise Line Reviews

Norwegian Cruise Line Reviews

There are a mulititude of Norwegain Cruise Line reviews out there right now that can give one and idea of what a vacation experience would be like on one of the fleet of ships Norwegian has.  If by chance you don’t know who Norwegian Cruise Line is, it is a cruise company based out of Miami Dade County, Florida and currently has ten ships in operation and 140 ports of call in 4 continents. If you are looking for the pros and cons when comptemplating which company you should go with, or just looking to get more information on Norwegian, this Norwegian  Cruise Line reviews article will give you a host of details that will inform you and/or help you make your descision.

Norwegian Cruise Line Reviews Pro’s

  • Unlike some other cruise companies, Norwegian has vast array of choices for dining options with many different ethnic choices.  Also with dining, there have been many Norwegian Cruise reviews that have talked about how great it was that Norwegian gave them the freedom to choose whenever they want to eat at multiple restaurant on the ships, whereas with other cruise ships you have set times and places to eat. This “freedom cruise style” also applys to activities and entertainment and has been a pro on many Hawaiian Cruise Line reviews.
  • Often times on a cruise you may be looking to get a way and have some quite time.  There are many places to relax and get into a good book with places like the library, art room, card gallery and the chapel. The service is constatnly being doted upon on many Norwegian Cruise Line reviews out there.  The employees are discribed as very professional that provide great service and are very nice.  Like other cruise lines they have a small staff to passenger ratio so you know you will always have someone around to cater to you needs.
  • For the business people on the cruise, on some of the boats there are rooms that seat up to 60 people as a place to conduct seminars andmany Norwegian Cruise Line reviews came away very happy with this option that let them do business on the seas.
  • There are a myriad of activities that are offered on Norwegian Cruises that passengers always have a blast partaking in.  Some of the list of activities that are available on the ships are; casinos, spa & fitness, waterslides, The Blue Man Group if you are cruising on the Norwegian Epic, magicians, singers, comedians are among some of the huge list of things to do.
  • If you ever get lost on the ship, no worries.  All you have to do is follow the upholstered fish on the floors which all ‘swim” towards the front of the ship.
  • They gaurantee the best price available so you know you will be getting the best deal possible.

Norwegian Cruise Line Reviews – CONS

  • This one can work both ways. On  Norwegian Cruise ships there are not very many kids aboard.  This could mean that if you are going with kids or teens, it may be pretty slim pickings when it comes to making friends and hanging out with people their age.  This could work well if you are looking to relax especially at the pools and hot tubs with little distraction.
  • For the restaurants that require a reservation, sometimes it is super hard to get one with some many people on the boat, espcially last minute reservations.
  • Norwegian Cruise Line reviews have described on multiple occassions that they felt like they were often times tying to be sold something throughout their trips like drinks, pictures, souveniours, etc.

Of all the Norwegian Cruise Line reviews that previous passengers have provided, the positive seems to heavily outweigh the negative making Norwegian Cruises a great choice when deciding which cruise company you want to set sail with.

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