Norwegian Cruise Line Jobs – Get Employed With Norwegian

July 10, 2011

Norwegian Cruise Line jobs

norwegian cruise line jobs

Norwegian Cruise Line jobs are for the people who want to cruise for a living! Taking a cruise for a vacation is amazing, but working on one is a whole different experience. When working on a cruise line, you get paid to cruise and at the same time experience all the bliss that being on a cruise boat offers, I mean basically your employment location will be paradise! If shipboard employment isn’t for you, there are also great employment opportunities to work on the corporate side of things. This article will provide information about working for them, so you can learn how to start making a living with Norwegian Cruises!

Norwegian Cruise Line jobs – Corporate

For those that want to work for this incredible cruise line but may want to stay on land while doing it, corporate is an excellent option when considering Norwegian Cruise Line jobs, you should know that they describe themselves as dedicated, passionate and driven by the spirit of determination and innovation. This is their motto “As our S.T.Y.L.E. mission card states, “We are all on one team, working together, sharing in the common goal of a successful, profitable and innovative company. A team is larger than any one department, it is a family of departments that come together to achieve our mission.” What are you waiting for? Jump on Board!” – Norwegian Cruise Lines. With this motto, you can’t help feel that being an employee with them would instantly make you feel at home, making your daily work environment one that you look forward to going to everyday.

With their motto and vision in mind, the following will paint of picture of life as a corporate worker for Norwegian Cruise Lines. There are many jobs available in Miami and other domestic and foreign locations that range from Accounting to Marketing, Commodity Buyer to Fleet Training Specialist, and Beverage Development Manager to a Content Specialist, Norwegian Cruises is likely to have a career opportunity that fits exactly what you are looking for. Norwegian Cruise line jobs also offer incredible benefits to those that qualify as well.

Shipboard Norwegian Cruise Line jobs

Shipboard jobs provide a work experience that is very different from most regular jobs. First off, employment involves living onboard. You will be working for 5 months, and share rooms with other crew members. The great part about his is that your rent expense is a grand total of zero; you don’t pay anything to room on the ship. It gets even better; you meals are included as well. You will also be allowed access to the gym, computers and lounge. For those who are also interested in learning about working on board and making a living, here are some options that will show you some of what is being offered for employment on the Norwegian ships. Here are some of the job departments: deck, engine, medical, culinary, hotel, production cast, training and cruise programs. All of these departments have multiple jobs in each. Working onboard Norwegian Cruise Line jobs are hard work, but while being on duty there are plenty of times to partake in onboard cruise activities and do some great relaxing, and you get to be around people who are always happy because they are on vacation!




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