Norwegian Cruise Line Jewel

July 12, 2011

Norwegian Cruise Line Jewel

Norwegian Cruise Line Jewel

The Norwegian Cruise Line Jewel definitely lives up to its name, and has been providing cruisers with luxurious and price efficient trips since 2005.  Since beginning service, amongst providing cruise experiences for thousands of people, has also appeared on Donald Trumps popular show The Apprentice. This article will provide you will your experience on the ship with a no fluff pros and cons list you can expect to encounter on the Norwegian Cruise Line Jewel.

Pros of the Norwegian Cruise Line Jewel

There are many positive aspects the Jewel cruise experience will produce during a cruise vacation, this is a list of some of the thumbs up’s:

  • The Blue Lagoon provides 24 hour food court style place to eat, also allowing one to stay as late as they want with no extra charge.  Here is a great for young adults to hang out, as well as adults that may be looking to get away for a little while and have some fun while the kids are having their fun.
  • The employees, you will find are some of the coolest and respectful people you will ever vacation with.  The cruise staff seems to always be a plus on any review you read about cruise experiences on the Norwegian Cruise Line Jewel.
  • The activities on the Norwegian Cruise Line Jewel are literally endless and have had passengers ranting and raving about them from the beginning.  A short list of the best activities that this vessel provides is the Stardust Theater which provides nightly shows on 3 decks and seats over a thousand people, there a 6 different hot tubs, a casino full of slots, mini golf, basketball and volleyball courts, hypnotists, jugglers, daily fitness classes, big screen movies, and much more aboard the Norwegian Cruise Line Jewel!
  • Freestyle dining is an awesome new innovative way to dine that the Norwegian Cruise Line Jewel provides along with the others ship liners in the Norwegian family.  Freestyle dining is essentially this; you dine whenever you feel like wherever you feel like, without having to adhere to the strict eating schedule that cruises often require ship passengers to follow.  This option is great when wanting to see a show for a second time, but might not have got to catch it because it was around dinner time, not with Freestyle dining!
  • The entertainment is another aspect that really stands out on the cruise ship.  The Jewel has great entertainment that ranges from jugglers, hypnotists, comedians, singers and even a show by the crew are some of the provide entertainment on the Norwegian Cruise Line Jewel.
  • Their rooms are ready for you as soon as you board so no waiting around to go put you bags away and relax

Cons of the Norwegian Cruise Experience

  • For people who are looking into a good book on the Norwegian Cruise Line Jewel it has been noted by many passengers that the seats in the library are uncomfortable and there aren’t many places on the boat that provide a good environment to relax and read.
  • The Norwegian Cruise Line Jewel has a design flaw on the 12th floor there is a family pool and an adult pool literally ten feet away from each other and they don’t do a very good job letting you know which one is which, so it’s a little hectic and not a good place if adults want to get away from the kids for a while.
  • When eating in the Garden buffet, it is often tuff to find a seat because there is limited seating in the restaurant.

So there you have it, some of the pros and cons that you may experience on the ship. All in all out of all the cruise ships out there, the Norwegian Cruise Line Jewel has a lot more positives then negative, making it a great option when considering the best cruise vessel to vacation on.

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