Norwegian Cruise Line Hawaii – Cruise To Hawaii With Norwegian

July 14, 2011

Norwegian Cruise Line Hawaii

Norwegian Cruise Line Hawaii

There are many Norwegian Cruise Line Hawaii cruises that Norwegian offers to their potential cruisers. They offer multiple cruises and cruise days to choose from over the next couple years giving you plenty of time to plan ahead.  You will also find many deals and discounts on these vacation packages as well as Norwegian are known for give great deals to their passengers.  The article will give you a peak behind the curtains when it comes to the experience you will have on one of the Norwegian Cruise Line Hawaii trips they have planned for this year.

Norwegian Cruise Line Hawaii options

There are currently Norwegian Cruise Line Hawaii ten Hawaiian cruise excursions to choose from when booking with Norwegian.  Out of all of them there is one 10 night cruise, two 11 day cruises, one 13 night cruise and 11 cruises that last 15 days.  Most all the Norwegian Cruise Line Hawaii trips offer a multitude of the same places to depart from ranging from multiple places in Hawaii, Mexico and California among others.  Here is a list of all the ships and a bit on the itinerary.

  • The 10 day Norwegian Cruise Line Hawaii vacation ship departs on November 1st 2011, and is called the Celebrity Century. The prices on these start from $799 for an inside ship, $1149 for the ocean view, $1749 for the veranda, $1849 for the concierge class, and $2149 for a suite.  This specific ship departs from Ensenada, Mexico on and stops in five different locations in Hawaii. Those destinations in order are Hilo, Mount Kilauea, Kailua Kona, Lahaina and Honolulu.
  • The two Norwegian Cruise Line Hawaii cruises that are the 11 nights are on the Celebrity Millennium and the Celebrity Solstice with prices ranging from around $1200 to around $2800.  The Celebrity Millennium sets sail from port in Esanado, Mexico and its destinations are the same as the 10 day cruise. Its departure date is the 22nd of October 2012.  The Celebrity Solstice departs from Honolulu and Oahu and stops at the same locations as the above as well. It leaves on April 25th 2013.
  • The 13 day Norwegian Hawaiian cruise sets sail on the Celebrity Century on March 23rd 2012, from Honolulu and Oahu. Prices for the 13 day range from the lowest of $1149 and get as high as $3249.
  • Every one of the Norwegian Cruise Line Hawaii trips is taken on the Celebrity Century. The prices per room vary like all the others as well starting with the veranda range from $1349 to $1779, the ocean views: $1999 to $2489, veranda: $2449 to $2899, concierge class: $2549 to $2999 and suite: $3399 to $3669.  the dates that the Century departs are October 2nd 2011, October 17th 2011, April 5th, 2012, April 20th 2012, October 5th 2012, October 20th 2012, November 4th 2012, November 19th 2012, February 2nd 2013, February 17th 2013 and last but not least the March 19th 2013 cruise.

Conclusion to Norwegian Cruise Line Hawaii

This is the list of the current cruise lines that are currently planned for Norwegian Cruise Line Hawaii trips.  These cruises also provide land tours as well.  Besides Norwegian guaranteeing the lowest prices around, some of the discounts that you can often find on these trips are booking early and booking late which provide discounts all the time and when booking with Norwegian.  Also be sure to ask what the current discounts are that are being offered on your particular Norwegian Cruise Line Hawaii cruise as there is almost always a chance to get a percentage knocked off or get free cruising credits

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