How to Get Hawaiian Cruises Deals & How To Save On The Cruise

December 17, 2011

Hawaiian Cruises Deals

Hawaiian Cruise Deals

Since we’re talking about Hawaiian cruises deals, it is one of the most popular destinations, meaning there is a myriad of cruise lines trying to get your business, allowing you to get excellent rates on your cruise. So you are already off to a good start! But in order to keep this hot streak going for you, we have a host of different methods that can allow you to save both when booking your Hawaiian cruise, as well as how to save while you are on board!


  • Book early or book late, as cruise lines always reward early bookers, as well as last minute booking can come with rewards as well as cruise lines are trying to fill their vacant rooms before departure and want to fill as many as possible, meaning they give out excellent deals to do so.
  • Stay in a cabin that has now windows. The best hawaiian cruise deals can be found this way, as for examples sake the 15 day San Diego to Hawaii cruise has rates for Inside Cabins that are $1139, less than 100 a night, whereas the next cheapest price is their Ocean View which has a ticket price of $1,929 with the highest being the Suite price which is offered at $3,099. So as you can tell, going with an inside cabin can result in a highly discounted hawaiian cruise. Also when you figure that everything that is fun to do is outsidse your room, you will be spending pretty much every waking minute outside of your room.
  • Compare prices on private tours to the tours offered  by the cruise line. Often times private tours are offered at a much lower price, especially if you are traveling in bigger groups.
  • Avoid at all cost packages that include your flight itinerary. The rates tend to be horrible compared to what you can get if you buy directly from an airline as well as their often times are one or multiple layovers. You can avoid flying altogether if you can find a cruise line that cruises from a port near where you live.
  • You can also save on your hawaiian cruise vacation by doing your own luggage tranfers yourself. It may be a drag but allowing the cruise line to tranfer your luggage from the airport to the ship can run you anywhere from $30 to $60.
  • If you plan on doing any shopping during the time that you are on your ship, shopping deals and discounts tend to get better near or at the end of your cruise itinerary, so if you can hold out for a while, deals can be found.
  • You can also save money on Hawaiian cruises by packing everything that you will need, so you won’t end up having to buy it on the cruise ship.
  • Booking with a travel agent can result in excellent Hawaiian cruise deals as these agents are constantly in contact with cruise lines and have developed relationships with them and are in good standing seeing as they are providing constant business for the cruise line, which allows them to negotiate good deals.
  • Stick to restaurants that are included in the cruise fare, or those that don’t cost as much as some of the fine dining spots which can run you a days rate just for one meal.
  • If you happen to be cruise solo, don’t just book with any cruise line. Find cruise lines that have “Solo rates” or something similar which some cruises are actually dedicated to having passengers that are single. You can also save even more on these cruises by allowing them to assign you a roomate.
  • Lastly, have the number of the amount of money you want to spend on your vacation, and stick to a budget that will allow you to spend exactly or around that amount. This will allow you to be fully conscience about your purchases, allowing you to buy only what you will be able to afford.



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