Hawaiian Cruises from California

July 8, 2011

Hawaiian Cruises from California

hawaiian cruises from california

IF you live in a the sunny state, and are looking vacation on a cruise, there are 4 main cruise ports that provide Hawaiian cruises from California up and down the coast of the state. These ports make it super convenient for those living in California and don’t really want to fly too far or have to drive a thousand miles. Whether leaving from the Bay Area of San Diego, there is bound to be a place in driving distance, or a short flight if you don’t want to drive, that will cater to your needs when setting sail from one of the California beaches

Ports for Hawaiian Cruise from California

Whether you reside in the south of California or further north, you will have multiple to choose from. The first line in the south the provides Hawaiian Cruises from California is the Port of San Diego, which is prided on being a self supported public benefit corporation, not using any tax dollars to run the port. Their main location for cruises is located on B Street Pier in downtown San Diego along North Harbor Drive. They also are known for their perseverance in educating the city people about maintaining the environment and about green living. This port host on average about 252 ships calls. The town of San Diego is also a host to a myriad of cruise friendly hotels.

The next port that provides Hawaiian cruises from California is The Port of Los Angeles which has two main locations. Located in San Pedro Bay, about 20 miles away from downtown Los Angeles in the city of San Pedro. They are the largest ship terminal on the West Coast of the United States. The Port of Los Angeles has its main larger port that the call the World Cruise center which provides transport for over a million passengers every year. The World Cruise Center has two main cruise ports and also provides a wide variety of transportation, like car rentals, bus rides, and taxi and limousine services. The Port of Los Angeles also has a smaller port that they are affiliated with called the Port of Long Beach which is just 4 miles east of the Port of Los Angeles. Adjacent to the Port of Long Beach is the historic Queen Mary Ocean Liner. They are an excellent location to take Hawaiian Cruises from California if you live anywhere near Los Angeles.

If you live more north and are looking to looking for Hawaiian cruises from California, you will want to go to the Port of San Francisco. Port of San Francisco was born during the days of the gold rush, and is located on the western edge of the San Francisco Bay, very close to the historic Golden Gate Bridge. Surround by historical landmarks, world class culture and championship winning sports teams, the Port of San Francisco has been called on of the greatest natural harbor in the world. Like the Port of San Diego, the Port of San Francisco receives no financial support from the city of San Francisco.

Hawaiian Cruises from California Conclusion

These are the 4 main cruise ports that you can choose from when planning your cruise. With their locations spread out, these ports make Hawaiian cruises from California relatively painless when it comes to traveling to your cruise port location.


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