All about the Disney Cruise Line Ships

July 16, 2011

Disney Cruise Line Ships

Disney Cruise Line Ships

Disney Cruises Line ships offer its passengers an incredible cruise experience with good deals and endless things to do on all of their fleet of four uniquely designed ships.  They were founded in 1999 and hold about 1700 passengers on each of their cruise boats. If you don’t know who Disney Cruises is, or a just looking to acquire more information on Disney Cruise Line Ships, this article will introduce and/or provide you all the information about Disney Cruise Line Ships including both onshore and off shore activities, cruises destinations, deals and much more.  Here is a list in numbered fashion to help you get to know the Disney ships.

Best things about Disney Cruises

Your Disney vacation cruise experience will no doubt be an unforgettable vacation. There are 9 destinations that Disney Cruise Line Ships travel to and they are Hawaii, Europe, Mexican Riviera, Transatlantic, Caribbean, Alaska & Pacific Coast, Canada & New England and the Bahamas Here is a list of the best of the best when it comes to taking a ride with Disney Cruises.

  1. The word Disney alone is basically saying that families are welcome.  Being one of the recipients of the Best Family Oriented Line, these Disney Cruise Line Ships provide great family cruises with family activities like: the greatest part for the kids which is hanging out with all the Disney themed dressed up characters, game shows and stage shows, cooking classes, big screened Disney movies, Broadway Style shows, sing alongs and their Youth Program which is a great place for the kids and a great way for parents to get away for a bit while knowing that your children are under great supervision. This is just the beginning of what you will experience with your family while on one of the Disney cruise freighters.
  2. The dining is more unique than pretty much any other company out there. Where on other cruises you may be assigned to the same restaurants and have different waiters every night, on the Disney Cruise Line Ships your dining experience will be rotational, don’t worry they don’t spin fast!  You will have the same dining partners every night and the servers that you have the first night will be at your service the rest of your cruise experience, meaning that you will be called by your first name every time you dine on the Disney Cruise Line Ships.
  3. Disney Cruise Line Ships have great deck parties with music and dance shows that are really Vegas caliber. These events will start right when you get on the ship with what they call the embarkadation, where you will be entertained by the Disney Cruise staff and Disney characters.  They also have a pirated themed dining party experience among others.
  4. Although being regarded as a family cruise, Disney Cruise Line ships have plenty of adult activities to do as well. Things to do for adults are as follows: the adult pool, spa and massages, nightclubs and lounges where you can catch live music, karaoke and dance parties, or stop by the adults only Palo restaurant providing you with fine dining Italian.
  5. You will be show a fireworks show, which I mean, who doesn’t love fireworks right?!

Deals you will find on Disney Cruise Line Ships

  • Disney Cruises favors those that book early and book late.  Booking early will always give you deals, and booking late will provide deals for you because they are trying to fill up their ship as much as possible.
  • If you can, avoid traveling during big holidays at all costs. Traveling before or after big holidays will provide big savings.
  • The bigger the group usually means the bigger the discount. They will sometimes cut in half the cost for third and fourth riders.  Also ask the person you are booking with to tell you about the specials running on their Disney cruise line ships.
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