Cruise To Hawaii From Los Angeles

December 5, 2011

Cruise To Hawaii From Los Angeles

cruise to hawaii from los angeles

Taking a Cruise to Hawaii from Los Angeles can be done through various cruise lines, making it easy for both locals to depart from the Port of Los Angeles, as well as those flying in, as the port is just minutes away from hotels which you can stay at. For those who cruise from Los Angeles to Hawaii, you will be able to enjoy ocean views in all directions, award winning shows, a myriad of different restaurants and bars, waterslides, mini golf courses, and much more, as well as not to mention that the fun and ammenities can be enjoyed at prices that are lower than ever, as cruises are one of the cheapest ways to travel, due to the fact that there are so many cruise lines trying to compete for your business. Below are some all of the cruise lines that have ships that cruise to Hawaii from Los Angeles.

Cruises Lines Offering Cruise To Hawaii From Los Angeles Itineraries

Princess Cruise Lines

Princess cruise lines offer the opportunity to cruise to Hawaii from Los Angeles, that start in LA and venture out to spots in Hawaii that consist of; Kauai, Honolulu, Maui, Kilo as well as Ensenada, and have intineraries that include:

  • Golden Princess – 14 day roundtrip cruises are found on the Golden Prince.
  • Coral Princess – The Coral Princess offers 14 day round trips as well.
  • Saphire Princess – Travelers on the Saphire Princess have either the choice of a 14 day round trip, or can choose to go on the 28 day cruise which makes multiple stops in Hawaii then carries on to other exotic locations, some of which include; Borra Borra, Polynesia, Tahiti, Papete and more.
  • Star Princess – 14 day roundtrip cruises to Hawaii from Los Angeles.

Disney Cruise Lines

For all those looking to bring kids, or bring out your inner kid, Disney Cruises lines are your go to cruise line that offers cruises to Hawaii from Los Angeles. Disney’s itinerary consists of:

  • Disney Wonder – Offering a 15 night LA to Hawaii cruise vacation that visits; Kahului, Hilo, Maui, Oahu, Honolulu, Kaui, Nawiliwili as well as Ensenada. If you are really looking to get the full experience of Hawaii on your cruise, then this itinerary can be great as it makes the most stops in Hawaii out of all other cruise lines.

Cunard Cruise Lines

Although lesser known in the cruise line community, Cunard cruises is one of the biggest cruise lines around, and designate one cruise ship that offers cruises from LA to Hawaii, which is the :

  •  Queen Victoria – Offering a 14 night roundtrip that visists places that consist of; Nawillwilli, Hilo, Honolulu, Lahaina as well as Ensenada, which this cruise LA to Hawaii cruise is referred to as the “Hawaiian Celebration”.

Holland America Cruise Lines

Holland America offers cruises from Los Angeles to Hawaii, but carry onto other places after their brief trip through the Hawaiian Islands. These trips are offered in the form of both

  • A 29 night cruise on their HAL Amsterdam cruise ship, which visits other places besides Hawaii, some of which include; Guam, Hong Kong, Shanghi, Kobe and Majuro.
  • A 72 night cruise is also offered on the HAL Amsterdam that offers the chance to cruise to Hawaii from Los Angeles then visits places like;  Bora Bora, Singapore, Hong Kong, Papete, Saipan, Kobe, Pago Pago among many others.


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