Cruise to Hawaii from Galveston

July 21, 2011

Cruise to Hawaii from Galveston

If you have been looking to get out of Texas for a while and take a cruise to Hawaii from Galveston, there are plenty of cruise ships that leave from there that are heading for Hawaii. The Port of Galveston makes it easy for you to make you Hawaiian vacation cruise happen, no matter which time of the year you are looking to leave. This article will provide all the details you need to know about taking a cruise to Hawaii from Galveston like port information, itneraries of ships that sail to Hawaii and the companies that are providing these Hawaiian cruise itineraries.

Cruise to Hawaii from Galveston

Cruise to Hawaii from Galveston – Port Information

The Port fo Galveston has been in operation since 1825, long enough ago that what we know as Texas land was still Mexico, and is the oldest port in the Golf of Mexico that is west of New Orleans. It is situated on the upper Texas coast on the east side of Galveston Island and is just over 9 miles away from the open gulf, There are masses of ships coming out of the Port of Galveston with multiple that are providing you with the opportunity to cruise to Hawaii from Galveston. This part of the article will introduce you to the cruise lines that depart from Galveston to Hawaii as well as their itineraries so that you can get a good idea of which one you want to take and when. (If you are happening to read this during other years that these cruises itineraries are offered keep in mind that cruise companies keep similiar dates throughout most years.)

Cruise to Hawaii from Galveston with these cruise lines

  • The first cruise company that departs its cruise vessels out of Galveston that are letting you cruise to Hawaii from Galveston is Disney Cruise Ships. The Disney Cruise Line is a relatively new line with a fleet of 4 ships and one more being added next year 2012. They are known for providing an excellent family cruise enviroment with their Disney musical plays, 9 hole mini golf, greetings from the dressed up Disney characters and more. Their itineraries for thier cruise to Hawaii from Galveston ships are as follows: They have one ship called the Disney Magic that provides cruises from Hawaii and they are out of cruise trips for 2011 but for 2012 it is as follows: September 22nd and 29th, October 6th, 13th, 20th and 22nd and November 3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th.
  • Royal Caribbean Cruises is the next line that lets you cruise to Hawaii from Galveston. Royal Caribbean is one of the biggest cruise companies around right now and has a fleet of 45 different ships providing cruises all over the world. They are known for giving you the freedom to choose your  dining options instead of having a set time and place to eat. Out of the 45 one takes off to Hawaii from Galveston and that is thier Mariner of the Seas which provies a one more cruise to Hawaii from Galveston on December 4th.  As far as 2012 goes, there are 4 cruise dates and they are January 2nd and January 22nd, and February 5th and 19th.
  • The last cruise line that lets you go to Hawaii from Galveston is Carnival Cruise Line and has 23 cruise ships in opperation. They have came a long way from their party repuation that was given to them when they first started, now being known for providing fun for all ages. They have excellent youth programs as well as a huge list of activities for adults. They have 3 ships that cruise to Hawaii from Galveston and they are: the Carnival Triumph, Carnival Ecstasy and the Carnival Conquest and have trips to Hawaii on the following dates. For 2011 they have cruises on August 20th and the 29th, October 31st, November 9th and 14th. The cruises for 2012 are; January 16th, 22nd and 30th.

As you can tell, the Port of Galveston makes it easy to cruise to Hawaii from Galveston, and provides you with three excellent choices of cruise companies that will provide you with an excellent cruise experience no matter what your age is.

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