Cruise Lines Offering 7 Day Hawaiian Cruises

February 22, 2012

7 Day Hawaiian Cruises

The only current provider of 7 day Hawaiian cruises is Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) who offers cruises that depart out of Honolulu and visit various locations around the Hawaiian Islands including Hilo, Kuaui, Kona and Kahului. 7 Day cruises to Hawaii are offered  by Norwegian in months that include March, April and May which it circles through the islands and works its way back to the Port of Honolulu. The trip itself is offered on their Pride of American which is the only ship sailing under the US Flag, which it first started offering one week Hawaiian cruise vacations in 2005 and its is the first ship to sail under the US flat in order 50 years. Being that it is so new, cruisers will be able to experience  the most up to date accomidation, ammenities and activities, offering one of the best cruise ships to take your Hawaii cruise on.

7 day hawaiian cruises

Activities On NCL’s 7 Day Hawaiian Cruises

The 7 day Hawaii cruises offered on the Pride of America consist of being docked for almost a 100 hours, meaning that half the trip is spent doing on shore activities equating to less time being on the water. The trip consists of visiting 4 islands in the following order; Maui on days 3 and 4, Hilo on day 5, Kona on day 6 and Kauai on Day 7 where you will either be on shore or sailing with 360 degree tropical views. As far as what you can expect to encounter on the boat, here is a list of details that ecompass a Pride of America 7 day Hawaiian cruise:

  • A welcoming round of champagne for the guests before they leave Honolulu.
  • USA themed ship with pictures and statues of all that represents freedom in America.
  • Live entertainment as well as a host of different restaurants and lounges.
  • Pools and hot tubs.
  • A butler at your service with certain cruise packages.
  • State of the art fitness ceneter with massage services.

A myriad of on shore activities are offered as well, some of which include:

  • Tours of Pearl Harbor.
  • Nature Hikes.
  • Waimea Falls tours.
  • Volcanoes National Park.
  • Kayaking and snorkeling.
  • Maui Ocean Center.
  • Jagger Museum.
  • Haleakala Crater.

Why Take You 7 Day Hawaiian Cruise With Norwegian?

First off they can provide you with what you need that being 7 day Hawaiian cruises, but just happen to gaurantee the best deal on your cruise no matter what. To reinforce their stand on providing the best deals, they state that they pose the opportunity of buying your cruise through them, which if you find a better deal in 48 hours they will either provide their cruise itinerary for that price or provide you the difference in the form of on ship credit that you can use one anything for sale on the ship. For those who fall in love with their 7 day Hawaiian cruise and are either looking to take it again in the near future or cruise to a different location, be sure to book your next cruise on the ship as this will bring you the best deals on your next cruise.

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