A List Cruise Lines in the US

July 17, 2011

Cruise Lines operating in the US

cruise lines

With cruising becoming an increasingly popular way to tour the place you want to vacation to, there are many cruise lines that you can choose from when booking. It is a great way to avoid the monotony of being on the same island and around the same surroundings you whole trip on a tradition vacation because they provide you with the chance to experience multiple destinations on your cruise all in the same trip. Cruise lines can afford to provide you with an incredible experience with the low cost to go with it because with their cruises are booked in huge bulked numbers, and whenever something is booked in bulk especially thousands of cruisers, cruise lines are able to offer everyone a deal. Also, they are all competing against each other to give you the best price possible. So essentially you are getting a great vacation at a discounted price of the original sticker tag.

Cruise Lines – A list of all the lines out there

There are around 80 different cruise lines out there that offer you the opportunity to cruise all around the world, with the US offering having over 20 of them. Some are smaller and some are larger, this section of the article will provide you with a list of the 6 most well known cruise lines in the United States that are in operation as well as give you details on where they cruise to and the ports that they depart from.

  1. Carnival Cruise Lines is based out of Florida and they offer cruises out to the following destinations: Hawaii Caribbean, Mexico, Bahamas, Alaska, Canada, Europe, New England, Panama Canal, and Bermuda. They have over 15 ports in the states of California, Washington, Texas, Alabama, Louisiana, Florida, New York Maryland, Virginia, South Carolina, Alaska and Hawaii.
  2. Holland America Line is a very large cruise company and they provide trips out to the following places: Alaska, Asia, Australia, Caribbean, Canada, Bermuda, Hawaii, Mexico, Europe, Pacific Northwest and Pacific Coast, Panama Canal and South America. You can access these destinations by taking cruises with Holland from these places in the US: California, Massachusetts, Florida, Alaska
  3. Norwegian Cruise Lines is another one of the biggest cruise lines based out of the US. They provide excursions to Bahamas, Bermuda, Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Europe, Caribbean, Pacific Coastal and the Panama Canal. They provide cruises from these states: California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Florida, Washington and Louisiana.
  4. Disney Cruises although smaller, still provides incredible family cruises. They offer cruises to many destinations including; Europe, Caribbean, Bahamas, Mexican Riviera, Canada & New England and Alaska. They offer their cruises from 2 different states in the US and they are: Florida and California
  5. Royal Caribbean Cruise Line Australia, Bahamas, Asia, Bahamas, Canada, Bermuda, Caribbean, Europe, Dubai, Hawaii, South America and the Transatlantic. The US ports that offer you the chance to cruise with Royal Caribbean Cruise Line: Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Florida, Texas, Hawaii, Louisiana, New York, Washington, and Alaska.
  6. Celebrity Cruises offers vacation destinations to Europe, Alaska, Caribbean, Bermuda, Transatlantic, Hawaii, Panama Canal and South America, Asia, Australia, Alaska and the Galapagos. Their cruise ports in the US are located in these states: Florida, Hawaii, New York, California, and Hawaii.

Conclusion to Cruise Lines in the US

This is a list of some of the major cruise lines that are operating out of the US. These cruise companies have stood out in categories as far as passenger’s experiences as well as great activities and awesome architecture. As far as planning your cruise goes, these cruise lines provide 6 great options to choose from when planning your vacation cruise.

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