Taking a Cruise from San Francisco to Hawaii

July 20, 2011

How to Cruise from San Francisco to Hawaii

cruise from San Francisco to Hawaii

Although there aren’t many options as far as taking a cruise from San Francisco to Hawaii, don’t let this keep you from booking your dream vacation cruise, beacuse there are plent of other options that aer out there that will allow you to take your vacation. If you are looking to escape your hometown for a while or are traveling to San Francisco to as a departure destination, this article will give you all the information you need on the cruise line that sets sail out of  San Francisco to Hawaii as well as information on the partic

Cruise lines that cruise from San Francisco to Hawaii

There are a massive amount of ships coming in and out of San Francisco, and have a cruise line that lets you cruise from San Francisco to Hawaii. This section will educate you on the company that is providing a cruise from San Francisco to Hawaii as well as a summary on the specific cruise companies that will introduce you to the experience you will be having if you choose to vacation with them on thier cruise ship to Tahiti. It will also explore other options as far as taking a Tahiti trip that depart from other destinations in California  if the the itinerary of the cruise from San Francisco to Hawaii ship isn’t right for you.

The Port of San Francisco is located on the western edge of the San Francisco Bay and is close to famous Golden Gate Bride and it is considered to be one of the three greatest natural harbors in the whole entire world. The lone cruise line that has a ship with the itinerary for a cruise from San Francisco to Hawaii is Princess cruises. Princess cruises is a very large cruise line and provides one cruise from San Francisco to Hawaii and contiues on to locations in Fiji and Australia. This cruise a 29 day trip with prices that start as low as 2,199.

If this cruise from San Francisco to Hawaii is too long or just doesn’t fit what your looking for in your cruise itinerary, rest assured there are many other options for you to take you Hawaiian cruise as there are three more major ports in the sunny state of California. The ports are located in LA, Long beach and San Diego. Here is a list of the cruise line companies that leave from California to Hawaii

  • Port of San Diego – They provide cruises to Hawaii on the three following cruise lines: Celebrity Cruises and Holland America and Carnvial Cruises. They have 14 and 15 day Hawaiian cruises and give you sixteen different ships that sail to Hawaii. Holland America cruises are in October through March, Celebriy Hawaii cruises in October and April, Carnival has them in January and April. These three cruises companies provide excellent substitutes for you cruise from San Francisco to Hawaii.
  • The Port of LA is affiliated with the Port of Long beach with is under five miles away from the Port of LA and they also offers a couple Hawaiian cruises as well. The cruise companies that provide cruises to Hawaii are Princess Cruises which is a 14 day cruise in Septmeber, and Holland America which has a Hawaiian cruise that is 23 days and in September as well.

Conclusion to cruise from San Francisco to Hawaii

Although there aren’t many options to cruise from San Fancisco to Hawaii, there are still many ways to take your Hawaiian cruise with another cruise line in which the ports are in a short driving distance. These cruise lines provide many great options for you if you aren’t going to be taking your cruise from San Francisco to Hawaii.


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