Details on how to Cruise from Hawaii to Tahiti

July 20, 2011

Cruise from Hawaii to Tahiti

Although there aren’t many options when leaving Hawaii on a cruise ship to Tahiti don’t let this fact deter you from going, there is one cruise line out there that gives you the chance to cruise from Hawaii to Tahiti if you are living in Hawaii and are looking to escape the daily grind of it all for a while and get away for a vacation cruise. If you are looking to vacation to Tahiti on a cruise ship any time soon and are wondering what your options are as far as the various itineraries there are to choose from and what cruise companies are currently crusie from Hawaii to Tahiti, then this article will provdie you with all the information on what it takes to make your vacation come into fruition.

Cruise lines that cruise from Hawaii to Tahiti

There is one cruise that provides you the the option for a  cruises leaving Hawaii that provide ship departures that let you cruise from Hawaii to Tahiti.  This section of the article will introduce you to the cruise line that sails to Tahiti from Hawaii as well as where it takes off from in Hawaii, and will detail price info and activities options that you will be introduced to on your cruise ship.

Carnvival Cruise Lines provide passengers the opportunity to cruise from Hawaii to Tahiti. They provide depart from The Port of Honolulu on September 22nd of next year, 2012. This date is subject to change in future years but usually stays around the same month.  This specific cruise is a 17 day long vacation and it explores both the Tahiti and Fiji islands and has prices that start at as low as 1,464 for the interior, for ocean view the prices start at 1,709, the balcony cabins start at the prices of 1,929 and the suite prices start as low as 3,599.  These prices are all per person. On your Carnival cruise from Hawaii to Tahiti, you will be experiences all the great aspects that make Carnival Cruise Lines one of the biggest cruise providers in the world.  These experiences will include but are not limited to: their award winning youth programs that provide activties for all ages of kids and teens, which makes taking the whole family a great option, rides on waterslides, 9 hole mini golf games, shows that are as good as the ones you would see in Vegas, musicians, bars and clubs, volleyball and baseketball courts are many of the activities that you will be participating in on a cruise to Hawaii from Tahiti with Carnival.

Cruise from Hawaii to Tahiti conclusion

Although there aren’t many options as far as cruise lines that have ships that cruise from Hawaii to Tahiti, Carnival is an excellent choice to cruise with if you are looking to take off in September. If the Carnival cruise from Hawaii to Tahiti Septmeber cruise ship isn’t the right itinerary for you and many be looking to depart in a different time of the year, there are many options for you to take a plane to different ports in the US that provide ships that cruise to Tahiti as well as have shorter and longer trips.

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