Cruise From Florida To Hawaii

December 5, 2011

Cruise From Florida To Hawaii

Cruise from Florida to Hawaii

There are a couple of cruise lines that can offer you the chance to take a cruise from Florida to Hawaii and have excellent deals as well as sufficient accommodations for travelers of all ages. Before we get into the itineraries, you should know that you can get excellent deals on these cruise vacations by utilizing discounts methods like; booking early or last minute, buying soda coupons, traveling with large groups, using personal or job discounts like for seniors or those who work for the law as well as there are some many different discount codes that you can get online for the cruise company that you choose to go with. IF you are looking to cruise to Hawaii from Florida, you can do so with the cruise lines below on the ships on which have cruises to Hawaii from Florida.

Cruises Lines That Cruise From Florida To Hawaii

Princess Cruise Lines

Pacific Princess – They offer their 107 day “World Cruise” on the Pacific Princess that departs out of Fort Lauderdale and goes all the way to Venice, Italy while visisting Hawaii locations that consist of Kauai and Honolulu. After they pass through the Hawaiian Islands, the cruise ship will then take its passengers to other exotic locations, some of which include; Aukland, Bora Bora, Hiroshima, Guam, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mubaui, as well as Luxor Egypt among many others.

Holland America Cruise Lines

Holland America also offers cruises to Hawaii from Florida, and are also in the form of a 44 day cruise that departs from Fort Lauderdale as well and visits 4 different locations in Hawaii which include; Honolulu, Hilo, Lahaina as well as Kauai, then carries onto other locations like the beautiful South America along with the tropical Caribbean and lasts a total of 44 days.

Seaborne Cruise Lines

Seaborne is a letter known cruise line and offers cruise to Hawaii from Florida itineraries that also include other locations like the above cruise lines. Their cruise ship that makes this trip is:

  • Grand Voyager – This ship departs from For Lauderdale and sets sail for 75 days and visits Honolulu, Kaua, Lahaina along with Hilo as well as visits a myriad of other exotic places allowing guests to check out spots like New Zealand, the South Pacific and Austrailia.


These are the cruise lines that offer you the chance to cruise from Florida to Hawaii, although they do make countless other stops, which if you are looking for something like this, these cruises offer both luxurious excursions as well as great prices. If you are looking for something that doesn’t last quite this long, and are willing to fly to a location to do so, there are multiple cruises from Galveston in Texas that let you cruise to Hawaii. For more information on the itineraries that are offered through Port Galveston, you can click the following link: Cruises From Galveston To Hawaii, which can provide you with excellent alternatives to the long cruises from Hawaii to Florida cruises offered above.



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