Cruise From Alaska To Hawaii

October 3, 2011

Cruise From Alaska To Hawaii

If you have been looking for itineraries that allow you to cruise from Alaska to Hawaii, you may have came up empty in your seach. If this is the case, you are not alone because there are currently no cruise lines that are providing you the chnace to take an Alaskan Cruise from Hawaii. Although this is the case, do not let it keep you from still booking your getaway vacation to Hawaii because there are many cruise to Hawaii from Alaska alternatives that are available that will still make your Hawaiian cruise happen. This article will educate you on the different cruise to well as the cruise line companies that are offering them as well as the ports that they depart from, all of which offer options that you can consider when searching for an Alaskan cruise from Hawaii.

cruise from alaska to hawaii

Cruise From Alaska To Hawaii

If you are open minded about what it take to make your Alaskan cruise happen like taking a flight, or driving or both, then you will find many alternatives to your Alaskan cruise from Hawaii. This part of the artricle will provide you with a couple different cruise ports that are a short flights distance from your home in Hawaii. Also, your cruise package can include these flights making your flight a lot less expensive than if you were paying for it seperate. Here are some great ports to depart from:

  • The Port of Vancouver – Holland America offers you the chance to cruise from Vancouver to Hawaii on a 16 day excursion that makes stops in Kona, Honolulu, Kauai, Hilo and Lahaina.
  • The Port Of San Diego – The Port of San Diego is a one stop shop to finding most all the cruise lines that offer cruises to Hawaii. This cruise from Alaska to Hawaii alternative provides Hawaiian cruis from lines that include; the Celebrity Cruise Line 15 day cruise on the Celebrity Century, a 15 day cruise on Carnival Cruise Line’s Carnival Spirit, 10 and 15 day cruises on various Holland American ships as well as the World & Exotic 29 day excursion with Princess Cruise Line that makes stops in Hawaii as well as Sydney, Ndravuni, Pago Pago Harbor, Nuku’alofa, Burnie, Fjordland National Park, Auckland as well as crosses the International Dateline.
  • The Port of Seattle – This port offers you cruises that cruise to Hawaii which the cruise line that offers these cruises is Holland America. Two Holland Ameica cruise ships depart from there, both the Westerndam and Amsterdam. The Holland America Hawaiian cruise itineraries consist of both 35, 70 and 75 day cruise vacations that makes a stops in Hawaii, those of which include Hilo, Honolulu as well as Lahaina, which then the ship carries onto other exotic locations like Hong Kong, Kobe, Singapore, Eden, Auckland, Sydney, across the equator and more. If you are into doing a trip that visits Hawaii as well as other beautiful locations and are okay with taking a longer cruise, then this can be a great cruise from Alaska to Hawaii alternative.



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