Cheap Cruises To Hawaii – 9 Methods To Use

January 25, 2012

Cheap Cruises To Hawaii

Cheap cruises to Hawaii can be obtained pretty much with ease these days, as there are so many cruise lines that are all trying to get you to buy a ticket with them, meaning prices keep dropping in order to compete.  This may be a great fact that will work in your favor when booking, but there are even more methods that you can use to get cheap Hawaii cruises, which is where we come in as we have compiled an list of a host of different methods that you can use. So if your are ready to take your Hawaiian getaway on a floating luxury resort where you wil will be surrounded by tropical and exotic scenary every direction you look, all while relaxing and getting to know the Hawaiian heritage, then read on and get familiar with these price saving Hawaiian cruise methods!

Cheap Cruises To Hawaii


Ways To Get Cheap Cruises To Hawaii

Booking early and booking late can bring great prices, but there are more way to go about getting the best deal on your Hawaiian cruise, which are:

  1. Book during “Wave Season” at the months of Janurary through just about mid March are referred to, which is where the best deals on cruise vacations are offered.
  2. Use certain discount packages, like couples, groups, honeymoons, vow renewal, single, etc. Or if you have a profession that may be worthy of a discount, then inquire about that as well, like for fire fighters, police, teachers, serving in the Armed Forces, nurses, government workers and so on.
  3. Cruises often times make you purchase cruise insurance like for a delayed departure or loss of luggage among other aspects, which can be great but can come at a higher price directly through the cruise line than what would come out of purchasing a seperate policy.
  4. This method in one of the most sure fired methods to get cheap cruises to Hawaii, and that is to book the smallest room offered, as all the fun is on deck, which your room will be used for sleeping and thats pretty much it.
  5. Never book a flight with the cruise, as these all inclusive flight prices are known to be much higher than what you could find if you bought directly from an airline. The cheapest times to fly are said to be late Tuesday to early Wednesday.
  6. If you are looking to go on a longer vacation, like 2 weeks, longer cruise trips offer more daily savings. They can also find you deals on shore excursions as well. Making appointments will 3 or 4 travel agents can also get you the best deal available.
  7. Cheap cruises to Hawaii can be found at travel agencies, but finding a travel agent that specializes in cruises will bring your cheaper cruises to Hawaii.
  8. Norwegian Cruise Lines gaurantees the best prices out there, or either they will re-price your cruise at the lower rate that you find or give you the difference in onboard credit. And NCL offers 7 and 14 day cruises to Hawaii.
  9. The last way to get cheap cruises to Hawaii is to ASK, as there are often discounts or deals to be had that they may not just out right tell you about.

Other Things To Keep In Mind

Often times cheap Hawaii cruise deals can be deceiving so when you go to book, make sure you read the fine print before signing anything. Ask the person you are booking the cruise through, whether it be directly or through someone like a travel agent, if the deal they are getting includes everything, or excludes things like fuel and port fees among others as well as if there are any onboard fees, which you can compare with other cruise lines to find which one offers the best deal. Cheaper cruises to Hawaii can also be found by finding the cruise line that offers the best onboard perks like spending credits and upgrades.

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