4 Of The Best Things To Do In Hawaii

April 12, 2012

Things To Do In Hawaii

There are some many great things to do in Hawaii besides just being in Hawaii which is enough to make it one of the most memorable vacations of your life, just envision 360 degree tropical views and lush tropical forestry amongst you. You can even choose to take a Hawaiian cruise or stay in one of the beautiful Hawaiian resorts to make your stay even more memorable. Below is a compiled list of some of the best things to do in on a Hawaiian vacation allowing you to have personal itinterary that you can use to maximize your getaway!

Things to do in Hawaii

4 Great Things To Do In Hawaii

Up Close & Personal.. With A Volcanoe – The Volcanoes National Park is easily one of the coolest things to do in Hawaii as it allows you to get to known these mammoth natural wonders which you can choose to hike the dormant volacnoe, witness 2 very active volcanoes both the Kilauea as well as the Mauna Loa. or even enjoy a dip in the warm hot springs complementary of what the lava does hundreds of feet under the water. Here you can snap all of the photos you want, which you will being going home with pictures of things like lava tubes, an 11 mile volcanoe crater as well as various lava tubes. Entrance fees here are as low as $5 which can last up to 7 days, allowing you to come through again for free if you don’t get all you want to do done in one day.

Epic Golf – Do you love playing golf? How about playing it all while being surrounded by 2000 foot cliffs as well as overlooking the Pacific Ocean?! Well you can do exactly this at the Dick Nugent designed Ko”olau Course located in Honolulu where you can play a round of 18 championship hole There is also another beautiful course for the golf lovers that is located right above a lava bed and located amongst dense forestry, which the course is called Golf Mauna Lani Resort lcoated in Kona.

Pearl Harbor – This is no doubt worth of making all the best things to do in Hawaii lists as it is hard to visit the state of Hawaii without wanting to go to Pearl Harbor, where there is still oil bubbles floating up from the underwater ship. The history is palpable here where you will get a be in the location where they signed the treaty that was responsible for ending World War II, as well as get to witness the USS Missouri battleship and the USS Arizona.

Swim With Dolphins – Now there are few experiences that you can enjoy that are quite as great as swimming with dolpins, which you can do so in Hawaii at Sea Life Park where you can ride a dolphin as well as end it with a dolphin kiss! As for the kids, there is the Dolphin Push which is where the kids will be pushed by the dolphins across the water via their mouth pushing the soles of their feet.

These are just some of the most favored things to do in Hawaii by all that travel to the beautiful islands. But the list doesn’t stop here as you can do things like; horeseback riding on the beach, learn to surf, whale watch, take a fishing excursion, snorkeling, scuba diving, check out the big waves at Pipeline, go sky diving, enjoy a luau, hang with the locals and more.



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